Super Multitap 2 Bomberman

Purchased as much for its design as its function, I finally fell for a Super Multitap 2 pour but Super Famicom. It is an object that was present on my Wish-List for a while and I finally bought the turning of a good deal (= I bought something at the base). In effect since Hudson Soft is no longer, I have to say right or wrong, that this kind of object was not about to see its price fall in the future, as already 3/4 offered on ebay are loose and yellowed… It was time to checkout, especially since a few months before I had acquired Super Bomberman 3. Continue reading

Megadrive Games Asia

The peculiarity of these games Megadrive version ASIA, that is officially marketed by SEGA for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand, is that they contain either Roma multi-zones (JUE) be zoned PAL in Japanese cartridges.
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Megadrive games Chinese / Taiwanese / Russian

Last post on my purchases of retro games in China with a ticket filled with photos securities in box & notice. Pas mal of Bootlegs (unlicensed pirates) of course but also some exclusive titles developed in Taiwan in the late years 90 and some were allowed to exit via the English SuperFighter Team (Beggar Prince, Legend of Wukong… ). We will also see how, while being non-official, Cantonese Society in a ended up becoming, at least locally, itself to be copied later with products of lesser quality. Finally I will touch briefly on Russian market, country or Megadrive seems to have unofficially hardback after the fall of the Berlin Wall. This would explain why some cartridges produced in China have a label in Russian (I found a carton of Contra Hard Corps like this, you will see after the jump in ticket). A busy schedule but a priori, I think should interest, the most hardcore retro-gamers !
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While my limited edition’Akai Katana xbox 360 has just been sent, Here are a late arrival from at Play-asia. I realize that it really makes a lease that I had not received any new import from Japan. I must say that I'm in a big time retro-gaming at the moment…

It contains small airmail games Dragon Ball Z Kai Ultimate Butôden Nintendo DS and Mamoru-Kun in its Playstation 3. The absence of this parcel is Otomedius Excellent Konami recently released, I must say I am still taking it feels…

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Made In Korea Vol-3 (Super Comboy)

Following this entry in which I presented the Super Nintendo in its Korean version (called Super Comboy and distributed by Hyundai). This time, I dug up 2 new games to add to my collection of rare Asian small atypical. I say “rarities” because unless you know someone in Korea who himself knows where to look or have the chance of the chopper 3 games that go on ebay in the year to finish at crazy prices, these versions are really extremely difficult to obtain (and even more unfortunately, in good condition). Overview of these 2 latest finds :

Super Mario World 2 – Yoshi Island / Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (1995)

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Akira – Famicom

Ahhh this is a consignment I like : a retro game with a beautiful packaging, buy cheap (less than 10 €!) and above all completely at random ! I told you before that I would eventually fall for Famicom games… if you remember… here… with the adapter “Gyromite”.

Good, I must say that I am a big fan of master Otomo and that’Akira (Akira) is one of the works that impressed me most as its subject matter, his world and his music as it evokes nostalgia (early Japanim “official” en france). I remember one night my dad had brought the videotape of the film by surprise… one of the most beautiful day of my life the day he brought me the cassette Ghostbusters and Christmas where I got my Megadrive, evidence I will still talk about Nerd

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Made In Korea Vol-1 (Super Comboy)

Here is a small cardboard straight from South Korea. But what can it contain? I give you a clue : this is a magnificent piece of retro-gaming with the name 슈퍼 컴보이 (it should not really help you? ^^). Then you have found ? Yes I'm sure you've seen the look below.

Well it contains a “Super Comboy”! Kezako one Super Comboy? It's just a Super Nintendo officially sold in South Korea by Hyndai. Moreover it is NTSC 60hz so it would be even more of a Super Famicom Korean, although there is clearly marked above Super Nintendo. For info, controllers have long cables like we had in Europe and its original adapter plugs that has the same home and a 110/220v switch. In short a real small hybrid. But let the technical side and space for pictures as I propose here a side by side unique because it is the Super Comboy with its version of Super Mario All Stars Korean next to his Japanese counterpart, one Super Famicom (with its version of Super Mario All Stars also):

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