Chinese Famicom cartridges 小霸王 and x in 1

To explain in detail my retro-gaming purchases made during my last trip to China, I decided to open the ball with a clone Famicom mint and boxed with excellent workmanship with a few cartridges say X in 1 (include several games in an). Before entering it into the thick of it, I want to digress and say that most of the things I'll show you in the coming days are obviously not official (except games Ique), and besides, I'm sure some of you will not hesitate to claim that these objects therefore have no value in terms of collection. I should mention that I'm not entirely agree with this concept because, as a true retrogamer I am also interested in different markets of video games in the world and their history. These versions, While pirates, are an integral part of the history of video games in China (countries where they are still officially banned!) and therefore in my view their place in my collection and my culture videogame. In addition it is very cool objects, exotic, and not very common in our region. Now I close this digression to introduce you to my new famicom.

For the record, it would seem that manufacturer This clone, Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, is well known in China for many years in various fields (from the appliance, game consoles) and that he regularly call on Chinese stars of the moment to its packaging. Chinese girlfriend of my brother immediately said seeing the box : “oh it's the same console that I had when I was little, I recognize the logo” (boxing gloves) followed by a “you bought mario?” and a hum the melody of Super Mario Bros. pretty funny. The age of the mark may explain why I find it really damn good clone.

Personally I love the kitschy design of this box !

What I like in this clone, apart from its box, its very low price, and design similar to the first Japanese Famicom, is above all it outputs a signal AV-Stereo where his colleague was proposing a Japanese connection via TV antenna. The second thing I like is that it manages all mappers graphics-specific Japanese publishers such as mappers BANDAI. Try, if you can, to run a DBZ game Famicom version on your NES, you'll understand what I mean : it is unplayable and full of glitches because the architecture is different consoles. This is surprising because the clones are rather known to cause compatibility issues with some games and then spend most stride ! Apart from the games with special chips as Akumajo Densetsu, cut. A really good point and in the end I am very happy with this purchase. One last detail, The console comes with a cartridge containing 4 games that are known as hacks license Contra or Jackie Chan.

Then, I took some cartridges compiling multiple games 1. Their purchase was not easy because the names and labels do not always correspond to the content or are relatively vague. But by digging well and hopefully also, I managed to find some very nice cartridges like this 245 in 1 Boxed, and containing a slew of excellent titles (Gradius, Mighty Final Fight, Against, Super Contra, Super Mario 1 and 2… ).

A box, Few duplicates, and excellent titles !

Downward & lr, 3 in 1 Adventure Island, 3 in 1 with TMNT 1, TMNT Arcade & Tournament Fighter, 4 in 1 with TMNT, Ninja Cat (in fact it is Samurai Pizza Cat), Snow Bros et Chip & Dale, a 4 in 1 Dragon Ball Z (are actually Hacks DBZ 2 sur Super Famicom !), and finally a 4 in 1 with Mario Bros Hacks pretty wacky and 64 in 1 !
Although few of them are compatible with the original Famicom (glitches) these cartridges are ultimately quite friendly and not original? Wink

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13 thoughts on “Chinese Famicom cartridges 小霸王 and x in 1

  1. Once again a beautiful discovery ! Certainly it is “pirate” but I find that these versions have their charm especially the clone console and cartridges in X 1. In this regard, the 64 in 1 tempt me well but what about reading / compatibility with a Japanese Famicom ?

    PS / I completely mispronounce my nickname in my previous article on the comm, Please know you edited. Thank you Cool

    • I have no original Famicom to test, but these cartridges are made the basis for Famicom, and not specifically for clones, so there is no reason that it does not work.

      PS: is corrected, it was funny Heh

  2. I've always seen with suspicion in the xxxx 1 probably because of my purist side but in the end it's great advantage.

    I try not to make these systems on arcade but I think I'll crack on consoles clones CF / CFS who are super handy for keeping the original intact.

    In any case , I found a good source for this area I know very little Grin

    Ps : I read feedback on the Korean Saturn in box and it appears that between now and 2005 there was only 3 who went on the net , you did it to have ?

    • Ah? May I ask what this source Question
      Sat for the Korean it is actually very rare to see it pass, especially canned (Like most Korean consoles actually). I know that the seller put it on ebay because it is through him that I completed the master list of Korean MD games in my post) but I'm not ready to put as much in a Saturn, especially since I like consoles cartridge foremost Chic
      FYI the build quality of this Korean Saturn is deplorable, I think I read an article about it on

        • Ahhh ok hihi, sorry I had not picked up, thank you for the compliment then Razz
          I was reluctant to talk about Korean stuff on my blog because I know that in general it creates a ripple effect, demand increases and prices also. Which honestly is not in my interest in this game because the richest wins all the time, but ultimately I still prefer to share my passion and perspective Smile

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  4. I know, by cons it is much more expensive than what I paid (mais bon free shipping aussi) short, it is still worth, this is a nice little clone Smile

  5. The thing is that in China it's worth shit but being malignant they sell more expensive on the internet is like in thailand any copies of their SFC FC games on ebay they will sell them 50 60 see more expensive depending games I gonna I Street Fighter and Mario World on Super Famicom not really bought expensive as Nightmare Busters and Street Fighter vs X-Men on their Super Famicom bootleg is good and well it's the loose “cardmod” but the games we were done from A to Z with new parts but whatever you pirate games that are included with shells original games

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