iQue 3DS XL Edition Mario

This is the fourth 3DS console to go home : a 3DS XL Chinese iQue brand colors of Mario (after Zelda 3DS, 3DS Peach Earned Club Nintendo 3DS XL Pikachu). For those who do not know, I had already discussed history of the mark iQue when I presented Gameboy Advance iQue purchased during my last trip to China there are now 2 years. Nintendo products sold officially on Chinese soil have always been a bit special editions, exclusive and often very original, and since the Gameboy Advance. Released in December, 3DS XL is no exception and I'll introduce you to one of the 3 models sold on the market that I was kindly brought to Beijing.

ique3DSXLsetOutput December 2012, iQue 3DS XL is available in China 3 variations above. A red and silver with a shield “Super Mario” which appear in Mario and Luigi and Mario Red and White. My preference is given to the latter that I will present below pictures (please excuse the average quality photos, I travel so I do not have all my equipment with me). Note that China has gone directly from the DSi to the 3DS XL.


ique3DSXLmario_09As you can see on the picture above, bios console is different and specific to China. For the moment only Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land are available and pre-installed on the console at the time of purchase. Difficult to know if the games will be zoned cartridges like the rest of the world or if they are Region-Free (and yes, on 3DS, those are the games that are not zoned and consoles contrary to what one might think). However it seems qu'iQue favors format for download via the eShop titles to come to China, The latter must necessarily pass through more translation box to be sold. The future will tell us what it is so, although anyway the main attraction of these versions iQue comes from their design and the difficulty in obtaining in our country (and therefore, it is above all consoles collection).

Finally, Although the game is not stamped “iQue”, play The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D in its Taiwanese, is compatible with Chinese iQue consoles. This is the only game that is consistent with Taiwanese with both its home region and another region. According to the game console is also in Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau) or simplified (Mainland China).zelda-ocarina3D-ch-03

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