Hyundai Super Comboy : The Master List (en Français)

The son of previous years, I presented here some Super Nintendo games published by South Korean Hyundai. From, I had not updated the pages of my collection because I was busy with other things, such as V2 finish my record on Super Gam * Boy from Samsung, I invite you to discover or rediscover. This article is now almost complete, so I finally decided to devote time to market of the South Korean Nintendo 16bit. It was much harder for me to get hold of games Super Comboy (the Super Nintendo Coréenne) and photograph all angles as I had done with their counterparts SEGA. This is not unrelated to the coast of present popularity and overall high of the Super Nintendo in all countries of the world. Popularity means that the number of collectors wishing to purchase games for this console is becoming more important every day. This results in a steady increase in prices of these, and as a collection “niche” than Korean games is no exception to the phenomenon (almost 200% in 2 years).
To be honest this is one of the reasons why I hesitated to publish this article and share my info, because I know that this kind of “paper” generally does add fuel to the fire, especially as some collectors are willing to splurge to satisfy all their desires.
After careful consideration, I am to the idea that some games are now out of reach for me (This is valid also for other platforms), I decided to publish my topic. I hope you enjoy the experience. Wink

Super Comboy Loose Cartridges taken from my personal collection.

Super Comboy cartridges from my personal collection.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Master List Hyundai Super Comboy 슈퍼 컴 보이 !


As you can see on the Master List, I identified so far 34 outputs Hyundai / Official Cost, 1 bootleg et 1 Official accessory. After years of research and exchange with various collectors I am now confident that this represents the entire Super Comboy catalog. There are also Japanese imports, some of which include a fold-out leaflet in black & white written in Korean (Romancing Sa-Ga 2)… difficult to know the exact number, especially as most seem beings RPG with lots of Japanese text (other genres like fighting games were rather imported from USA). We can scarcely consider these games as a part of the official catalog (unlike NBA JAM T.E. which was the subject of a refurbishment by Hyundai from a Japanese version). The list is not exhaustive.

(When a link is available, you can click on the title of a game to get more information about it).

• Outputs Official :

Axelay / Two arc threshold

snesk_vol2_axelay01Brawl Brothers 브롤 / 브라더스

Brawl BrothersCongo’s Capper / Congo off kaeppeo

Congo's CaperContra III : The Alien Wars / Contra 3 – 에일리언 워즈

Contra IIIDragon Ball Z Super Butouden 3 / Dragon Ball Z chomu tujeon 3

DBZ3Dragon Ball Z Super Butouden 3 Reprint / Dragon Ball Z chomu tujeon 3

DBZ3 reprintF-Zero / F-제로

F-ZeroFighter’s History / Fighters History

FighterFinal Fight / Final White

Final FightHanguk Pro Yagu / Korea Professional Baseball

probaseballk_01_1600Mega Man X / Megamaen X

megamanx-kor-boxMega Man X 3 / Megamaen X3 - Cost Coast trade,ko

MMX3NBA JAM T.E. NBA / 토너먼트 에디션

snesnbajamte_01_1600Street Fighter II / Street Fighter

1337491330-46-0_Y_700x525_100_5Super Buster Bros. / Super Booster Arbroath

Super Donkey Kong / Super Donkey Kong

DKC1k_01_1600Super Donkey Kong 2 / Super Donkey Kong 2

DKC2k_01_1600Super Donkey Kong 3 / Super Donkey Kong 3

SDK3Super Ghouls’n Ghosts / Think super burn's Ghost

sgngkor_01_1600Super Mario All Stars / Super Mario All Stars

marioallstars_k_01Super Mario Kart (Blue Box) / Super Mario Kart

xcXP0PaSuper Mario Kart Reprint / Super Mario Kart

mariokartK_01_1600Super Mario RPG / Super Mario RPG

korea_mariorpg_01Super Mario World (Yellow Box) / Super Mario World

SuperMarioWorld1stprintSuper Mario World Reprint / Super Mario World

SMWK_01_1600Super Mario World 2 : Yoshi Island / Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

snesk_vol2_smw201Super Soccer / Super Soccer

Super SoccerSuper Street Fighter 2 / Super Street Fighter 2

superstreetfighterII_00_1600Taekwon-Do / Taekwondo

TaekTetris & Dr. Mario / Tetris & Dr. Mario

Tetris & Dr MarioTMNT IV : Turtles in Time / Expanded the power of the cast

TurtlesThe Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past / The Legend of Zelda – Of links to the past

zelda3kTiny Toon Adventures : Buster Bust Loose ! / Tiny Toon Adventures : Buster boots Rouge

Snesk_TinyToonU.N. Squadron U.N. / Squadron

unsquadron-kor-box• Pirates :

Super 20 in 1 – Super 20 Day – GL (Game Line) GL game lines
scomboy_20in1_01• Imports Japanese Korean incluants a leaflet fold black & white (there are certainly other) :

Breath Of Fire – Breath of Fire

bofDead Dance – Dancing Dead

deaddanceDragon Ball Z Super Butouden 2 – Dragon Ball Z chomu tujeon 2


Dragon Slayer: Eiyuu Densetsu II – 드래곤 슬레이어 영웅전설Ⅱ

dragonslayer2Romancing Sa-ga 2 – Romancing Saga 2
Romsaga2_KOR4Seiken Densetsu 2 – Seonggeom legend 2 (photo of a guide, game confirmed)

2Jplo2t - ImgurSeiken Densetsu 3 – Seonggeom legend 3 (photo of a guide, game confirmed)
seiken3KOR2Solstice 2

solsticeT•M•N•T Mutant Warriors – Mutant Warrior

tmntmwUtopia – Utopia

utopia• Official Accessories :

Super Mini Comboy – Super Mini-Com Boy

Reviews of Hardware du console

5DdaPhI counted 4 different revisions of the console and 2 revisions to the controller :

1) Console with buttons in English, ON / OFF the LED POWER an embossed one en anglais (100% English)
snesk_vol2_axelay092) Console with buttons hangul, ON/OFF and LED POWER en relief et en coréen (100% hangul)
sneskvariation_02_16003) Console with buttons and LED POWER in Hangul, but ON / OFF relief and English (mix)
sneskvariation_01_16004) Console with buttons hangul, ON / OFF the LED POWER an embossed one en anglais, but also printed on the side in Hangul. (Mix)
snes053 different variations taken from my personal collection

3 Super Comboy variations from my personal collection.

Once again, the list of hardware revisions is not exhaustive, this is just the most visible differences and it is perfectly possible that differences can also be found at the motherboards, look at this example :

sneskvariation_0d_1600Here, we see different forms of power, one being AC (AC), the other DC (direct current) = There is thus very different motherboards.

About Joypad (SNSN-005 AGE), only 2 variations :
1) Start + Select English
2) Start + Select and hangul



Let's end this article on a humorous note with these 2 TV commercials super kitsch (attention, violation de copyright inside !) :

MarioK_02_1600Rights & Thanks

All content of this article is © – 2011-2013 except for images without watermark The latter belong in the public domain or is their(s) owner(s) respective(s).

Licence Creative Commons

Except as expressly authorized, complete reproduction, modification or sale of this paper is strictly prohibited. However, you can freely quote passages on your site, blog, forum provided or specify the source ( and attach a link to the original. Many hours were needed for the realization of this article and a lot of time was spent to document, understand, synthesize and write down all the information available on this page. Thank you for respecting my work.

Special thanks to Prupru for having provided me pictures of good quality and for proof reading. Do not hesitate to go to discover its fantastic collection Super Nintendo !
As well as William Pacheco / novadaemon for his photo of 3 Super Comboy, discover his collection of Korean games.

Thanks to Hongseok for his help clearing out some infos regarding games and to all the people in South Korea collecting and posting images of their retro-gaming collection on the internet at Naver, Ruliweb & Egloos.

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9 thoughts on “Hyundai Super Comboy : The Master List (en Français)

  1. This is huge !!!
    It's crazy this lack of uniformity in packaging by cons…. Milling additive size box… mix version JAP and EURO.. on the same box… this is crazy Smile
    Very interesting anyway .. for the best console in the world Smile

  2. Going to have competition now. Dazed Dur dur pour mon finir full set KOR. Grin After, we may discover other games but personally, I doubt. Wait & see. Wink In any case, bien bel article.

    • Merci l'ami, FYI it happens everywhere on Article, in dehors de la France, especially in Germany, of States and Brazil.

      For the competition is still very niche as collective, after prices are already high enough to discourage the less hardcore collectors I think Wink

  3. The thing is with Korean games, is that they are in English so play it on his Super Famicom is perfect. More image sets very similar view squarely PAL games. Grin

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