Les productions Taiwanaises originales pour Megadrive

After my shopping in China, I thought it would be good to do a little update on all informal productions Megadrive Made in Taiwan. While some of these cartridges have been translated and republished (Begard Prince, Legend of Wukong…), others are a little obscure. Some have not even been to Dumpées ROM format emulator and the originals are relatively hard to find and often expensive. I own just one of these original productions but I'm trying to address here a maximum of them, including those who are not in my possession.

First of all I want to say one thing, I will not discuss in this post the multitude of Bootlegs (pirates games) based on hacks from China, Taiwan and Russia in recent years such as Sonic 6, Mario Bros or the Lion King 2 and 3. Here it will question original titles unlicensed SEGA but out in Taiwan during the period of marketing the console in years 90. The shade may be thin for many of you, but its importance. Among the genres represented in these productions include RPGs, strategy games, of Shoot'em Up, action games and fight, of puzzle games, of Board Games, Mahjong course, etc.… oddly, the least represented is the Platform. This list is not exhaustive, there are still games to reference (often mahjong).

I will not specify either the games for each year of release, nor the publisher because it is the big bazaar (some games have names different vendors when in fact the same box would cause…). Finally, I would not approach either in this post productions Famicom and Game Boy, many-they also Taiwan (article would be too long otherwise).

RPG – TRPG – Strategy
Avec les boardgames et les jeux de Mahjong, ll s'agit sûrement the genre le plus Represent dans les productions Taiwanaises.
The best known of these are Taiwanese RPG Beggar Prince, Legend of Wukong (traduit a reedit one quantites Limitée couple Super Fighter Team) and Brave Battle Saga (great RPG with stunning graphics, traduit en anglais récement). However there is still a lot of really unknown or inaccessible damn good songs and totally deserve the same treatment that, voyez vous même.

Beggar Prince – New Prince and the Pauper (RPG)
Original Version :

Réédition Li-Cheng / Winsen (au center) :ChMD_set03

Both Editions SuperFighterTeam translated into English :

Legend of Wukong – Wukong rumor (RPG)
Original Version :
legend_of_wukong_asieSuperFighterTeam edition translated into English :

Braver Battle Saga – Final Fantasy Magical Warrior (RPG)

The game was translated into English :

Tūn Shí Tiān Dì 3 – Swallowed World 3 (RPG)

Ya-Se Chuan Shuo – Imperial dynasty Arthur legend articles (RPG)

Shuǐ Hǔ Zhuan – Tiger Hunter Hero Novel Outlaws (RPG)

Fengshen Yingjiechuan – Gods Yangjiechuan (TRPG)
Edition originale

Réedition Chinoise non Li-Cheng / Winsen

Sān Guó Zhì V – 三国志5 (SRPG)

Bao Xiao San Guo – Comedy Three Kingdoms (STG)

Chinese Battle Chess – Zhan Qi Chinese Chess battle

Shoot’em Up

Thunderbold II – 雷电 传说 II (Vertical)

It is a spiritual sequel to Raiden. and the game, unusual, to sell therefore still quite expensive on ebay. There are two versions, one with a cartridge euro size, the other in Japanese Format. As often happens with these type of production, I do not know if the game had a record.

Magic Girl – Little Witch (Vertical)

Adventurous Boy – Adventure Kid (Horizontal)
Clone the Fantasy Zone.
Adventurous Boy - Mao Xian Xiao Zi (China) (Unl)

The Earth Defend – Earth Defense Earth Defense (Vertical)
MD - EDF 608f29b760c51d206165ab1a2928b2f2

Combat – Beat’em All

The Battle of the Red Cliffs / Warriors of Fate – Three Kingdoms Huoshaochibi

Yang Warrior Family – Legend


Comparatif entre la version originale et la réedition Li-Cheng :

Shui Hu Feng Yun Zhuan – Water Margin clouds pass

Les écrans titres sont différents, la version Li-Cheng à droite est sans copyright :

Chinese Fighter III – Devour earth Ⅲ - Three Gaiden

Action – Reflexion

Magic Bubble
One of the top games 10 the most expensive games Megadrive all regions. Although unofficial this game is very rare and often sell very expensive on ebay (see screenshot)

Il existe une version Coréenne :

Merci à Cyberguile pour la photo.

Merci à Cyberguile pour la photo.

Super Bubble Bobble
A very original and fun to play graphically very successful creation based on the concept of Bubble Bobble he resume a character (but also retouve Doraemon, Crayon Shin Chan Personal playable…).

Clone de Bomberman plutot agréable à jouer.
MD - Bomboy03

Smart Mouse – Happy Naughty Mouse

Super Magican – Spirit Magic priests

Le jeu ressemble beaucoup à Zombie Hate My Neighbours, One meme Chinois avec.

Ghost Hunter
Clone de Pang / Pomping World sans prétention, agréable à jouer.

Link Dragon – 连接 之 龙
Un jeu du serpent très basique.

Magic 7 Block – 百変七巧板 (STG)

Funny World
MD - 25ae3198bf930b2fb4f5a0f2b291a33f

Mallet Legend
MD - 3152b7daea2c7317d7c7425f3bd53bee

Board Games – Chance

Zhong Guó Xiàng Qí – 中国象棋

Taiwan Tycoon – 台湾大亨

Feng Kuang Tao Hua Yuan – 疯狂桃花源

777 Casino – 夢幻水果盤

Chinese Chess – 中国象棋

Queen of Poker Club – 扑克俱乐部

Chao Jí Dà Fù Weng – 超级大富翁

A Q Lián Huán Pào – Q A serial bubble

Super Big 2 – Spades two big dick


Devilish Mahjong Tower – 麻雀恶魔塔

Pretty Girl Mahjongg

十三 张 麻将 -98 美 少女 – 13 Jong

十六 张 麻将 – 16 Mahjong Tiles

Ganso Kyuukyoku Girl 6-nin Adventure Mahjong! Dial Q wo Mawase! – 元祖究極ギャル6人アドベンチャー麻雀! ダイヤルQをまわせ!

麻将 情人 - 姬 麻将 之 Ma Jiang Qing Ren Zhi Ji Ma Jiang

World Pro Baseball 94 – 世界职棒争霸战

To close this ticket, Sachez que Taiwan, très bien que prolifique, I fut pas le seul au monde à endroit produire des jeux sans license SEGA. Les Etats Unis (with a flopped games to content “Christian”, ou encore the fameux “Action 52” par exemple), the Corée du Sud (surtout sur Master System), The Argentine et le Japon (Divine Sealing) produits ont aussi des titres originaux sans licenses.

A big thank you to the sites fuji.drillspirits.net, segaretro.org, bootleggames.wikia.com, lcldiy and SukaSega for their valuable information and sometimes their media. Thanks to you all guys.

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