Samsung Mega Drive : Super Gam*Boy !

Last Update: September 5th 2013

It’s been quite a while now that I have had some deep interest for the South Korean video game market. It first started a few years back when I moved to Hong Kong for a job at a videogames online retailing company. I started getting a few Playstation 2 and Gamecube Korean games because these were offering Japanese artworks with English ingame texts. That was until I found out about a retro-gaming market in South Korea. As a collector of Japanese games I found it very interesting to see that Korea had an alternative market of its own. And as a true Megadrive Fan I just went crazy when I found out about all the Sega games and systems sold in Korea under the Samsung license. I’ve already introduced the Hyundai Super Comboy aka Super Nintendo with my small collection of games to my French readers here and here and now the time has come to introduce you to the Samsung Super Gam*Boy!

A bit of history

“After the end of World War II, South Korea banned “Japanese cultural imports” such as music, film, Manga and literature. In South Korea, the ban was partially lifted under the Kim Dae-jung administration in 1998. In January 2004, the ban on imports of Japanese CDs and DVDs was finally lifted in South Korea. Despite this, there were some South Korean DVD imports of movies that were identical to Japanese DVDs sold from 1999 to 2003.” (source : Wikipedia).

After reading this, many deducted those were the reasons why Sega handed its Master System & Megadrive to Samsung (as they would do later with the Saturn and same as Nintendo did with Hyundai from the NES to the N64 era). Supposing that Japanese entertainement companies selling products in South Korea under their own name was just impossible and that the only way they found to avoid this embargo was to ask some major South Korean electronic manufacturers to handle both of their products localization and distibution isn’t that far fetched. And it’s probably true that because of these fragile relationships, many games officially distributed in South Korea contained English roms & texts rather than Japanese ones. However this has never been proven so far and the true reasons remain unknown to me to this day (it could have also been simply because any foreign entrepreneurship in South Korea required a joint venture or because Sega wasn’t willing to lay down financial resources for such a small market, or all of the above together…)

Quick view at the Master System/Mark III Era

In order to understand the South Korean branding of Sega Products, I belive it is important to start with the Master System. At the begining a few rebranded Sega Mark III consoles and games were released by a company named OACS but the Master System was quickly handed to Samsung under the name of Gam*Boy – Gem * Boy (and Nintendo’s GameBoy under the name of Mini-Comboy… sigh). It came with the shapes of a model 1 Master System and only had one small cosmetic change in its life time. The earlier version had its name written in Hangul, while the latest one had it written in Latin alphabet.

The system plays Sega Mark III Japanese cartridges and Sega “My Card” only, like the über-superior Master System from Japan. While priced at 119000₩ on release (around 120US$) and more expensive than the very popular Zemmix consolized MSX or any Famiclone, the Gam*Boy did sell quite well in South Korea. According to an early 1994 issue of the Game World magazine, the Gam*Boy sold about 130 000 units over its first year on the market, in 1989 (while the NES/Comboy poorly performed at 20 000 units for the same year, surely suffering from famicom wide spread piracy).

(thanks to derboo for the charts.)

A Magazine Game*Boy Ad

A Gam * Boy Magazine Ad… It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Gam*Boy !

Among the great things about this Korean Master System are without a doubt the exclusive games as Mark III cartridges (such as Sonic 1 & 2, Streets of Rage 1 & 2 etc.…) and its joypads. As you can see on the pictures they are rounded and come with a real D-pad (which was supposed to be a Nintendo exclusive license by the way…).

Later in the early 90’s Samsung released the equivalent of the Master System Model 2 and changed the name to Samsung Gam*Boy II – Samsung gemboyi II which came built-in with the game Alex Kidd in Miracle World translated in Korean. When this model came around Samsung had already released the Megadrive under the name of Super Gam*Boy – Super * gemboyi.

But that’s not all, another fourth and fifth late revision of the Sega Master System were released under the name of Aladdin Boy – Aladdin Boy. The third one came into a classic black color while the fourth and final revision came into a pretty strange blue and yellow color and was sold with a Megadrive joypad (I belive the previous joypad production had been discontinued by then, otherwise why would you need a third button?). However the console box for that one is pretty nice isn’t it?

A bunch of Samsung Gam*Boy games from my own collection. As previously said, some games like the following Sonic 2 never even had a release in Japan :

Behold The Mighty Super Gam*Boy!

What better name than Super Gam*Boy – Super * gemboyi could suit the Gam*Boy successor more? After all we had our Nes and Super Nes right? I’ve been a Megadrive Fan since the early 90’s. When I first got it for Christmas, it also happened to be my first very own video game system. Ever since that time, It is still my opinion that it has one of the best design a video game machine can offer, especially that first model with the ring. Finding the following Samsung models outside of South Korea has been quite difficult and it will be for any of you that might get interested in getting one (same goes for any old Korean video game console anyway). These are truely some of my favorite pieces of hardware of all time (right after the Sega Wondermega) and even though I only found them in loose condition, they are in great shape with almost no scratches (especialy the earlier model presented right below).

The Super Gam*Boy was less successfull than the Gam*Boy in its early years. In the same way as the rest of the world, Nintendo 16bit console quickly became much more popular and when Hyundai released the Super Comboy in 1992 it outsold the Super Gam*boy in only a year :

Let’s have a look at it side by side with the Japanese model.

Japanese Sega Megadrive on the left, Samsung Super Gam*Boy on the right, each with its version of Sonic The Hedgehog.

Both systems are very similar in appearance, they have the purple area around the power led as well as the “AV Intelligent Terminal High Grade Multipurpose Use” purple text on the circular molding and the big “16-BIT” written in gold letters. Both of them are early models with the extension port in the back and they both play NTSC-JP encoded games. Appart from the Samsung & Super gemboyi logos they appear both identical on first look. However you might notice how the “Reset” button is a bit lighter on the Samsung model, at first I thought it was suffering from discoloration, but when I opened the system to clean it and take pictures I found out that the whole button had this color (only the top would have had that color, had this been some kind of sunfading). I’ve searched for other pictures on some Korean websites and all of them had that lighter color which appears to be specific to the Korean Megadrive.

The minute you flip the console around you notice some other tiny differences. The most obvious ones are the stickers. The sticker in the middle displays the system name, serial, product reference (Super Gam*Boy ref# is SPC-200, FYI Gam*boy aka Master System was SPC-100), AC specs and the old Samsung Logo written in Korean in lieu of the usual Sega one. The second one, the big sticker on the left, shows a list of Samsung Service Centers (Samsung Service Center) with phone numbers all sorted by areas. There’s also a third Quality Control sticker with some chop marks on it (Quality Certification) on the right. But there’s still a little difference that remains under there and correct me if I’m wrong but I own 3 Japanese and 1 Asian Model 1 Megadrive and none of them have those 2 square shapped little pads at the bottom. I’ve only seen those squary things under the Samsung Megadrive. That’s it for the differences, now let’s have a look at the Queen, shall we?

Super Gam*boy

The Super Gam*boy by Samsung

Under the Hood

Ok, now that we’ve seen how nice it looks from the outside let’s strip the thing a bit. I’ve also taken appart the Japanese model for some comparison shots.

Super Gam*boy Motherboard

Super Gam*boy Motherboard

The first noticeable thing is that the South Korean model has a big GoldStar chip inside. Goldstar is the previous name of a well known Korean electronic manufacturer that calls himself “LG” today. However, the motherboards and most of the other chips are still branded by Sega and other Japanese manufacturers like Toshiba, Sony, Yamaha & NEC. One other thing I’ve noticed, which happens to be quite a funny fact, is that on my early Japanese model one of the chip is made by Samsung in Korea while the very same chip on the Korean model is made by NEC in Japan. One could also argue that the whole motherboard layout is different but unfortunately I don’t own every Japanese and South Korean revisions to make a deeper comparison.

Of course the South Korean and Japanese PCBs shown above are just 2 of the many revisions of the system. We already know for a fact that Japan, US & Europe had many motherboard revisions for the Model 1 Megadrive and it seems South Korea got itself the same treatment. For exemple here’s another PCB close-up hosted at

Aladdin Boy PCB

Super Aladdin Boy Motherboard

This one is taken from a late revision (Super Aladdin Boy – Super Aladdin Boy) which had its EXT port removed in the back. As you can see the Goldstar chip is still there but this time the motherboard is branded by Samsung (SPC-200R / 201R REV A) and the nearby chip is also a Samsung one while on early model of the Super Gam*Boy it had a Nippon Electronic Computer chip…

Comparison shot of the Super Gam*Boy next to the Super Aladdin Boy

The Super Aladdin Boy (on the Right) had the “EXT” port removed.

The sticker on the front of the Super Aladdin Boy indicates both the ex-factory price (Ex-factory prices : 124 600₩ ~115US$) and the suggested retail price (Suggested retail price : 165 000₩ ~150US$)

Family reunion with Super Gam*Boy, Super Aladdin Boy & Super Aladdin Boy II

Names and Design Variations

Now, we’ve seen how the Master System had different names and variations in South Korea already : Gam*boy for the model 1, Gam*Boy II & Aladdin Boy for the model 2. Well, the naming went pretty similar for the 16Bit. Let’s have a look at the different retail boxes.

I’ve shown you pictures of the Super Gam*Boy & Super Aladdin Boy already. But know that there are 2 Megadrive model among this last South Korean name: Super Aladdin Boy – Super Aladdin Boy for the Model 1 late revisions (SPC-200R & SPC-201R) & Super Aladdin Boy II – Super Aladdin Boy II for the Model 2 Megadrive (SPC-201N & SPC-1600R). Each of these had at least 2 variations during their lifetime, mostly because of the changes of design in the Samsung logo. Same thing applies to the Joypads, as illustrated in pictures below.

Regarding the sudden change of name from Gam*Boy to Aladdin Boy for the whole set of early 90’s Sega Systems in South Korea, some people belive it’s because in 1992, when the Disney movie Aladdin was released it became quite popular in South Korea. Samsung Might have thought it’ll be a good marketing strategy to change its product name with the word Aladdin in it. This is highly unlikely since Samsung was already using the name of “Aladdin” about a year ago for one of its new PC, the “Aladdin Magic Computer“. Also if we take a closer look at all dates, here’s what we find:

Samsung Super Gam*Boy (Super gemboyi) back cover advertising from the magazine Game World (Game World) of october 92…

November 92, still on the back cover of Game World, Samsung Megadrive is now called Super Aladdin Boy (Super Aladdin Boy)

Now, the release date of Disney movie Aladdin in South Korea : July 3rd 1993 (source : IMDB).

Here are some side by side comparison shots of a Super Aladdin Boy II with a Japanese and European Megadrive 2. Notice how the Power and Reset buttons on the Super Aladdin Boy II are similar to the European model in terms of shapes while the color layout of the system matches the Japanese system.

From left to right : European Sega Megadrive 2, South Korean Samsung Super Aladdin II, Japanese Sega Megadrive 2.


For such at small market, South Korea had quite a lot of titles released on the Super Gam*boy, some of them didn’t even get a release in Japan like Decap Attack, Sonic 3D, Toe Jam & Earl 2 or the Tiny Toons and some got released in Korean ONLY (Space Turtle Battleship – Space Turtle Ship). There’s been quite a lot of game variations in South Korea, all distributed by 2 companies : Samsung mostly, and Hi-COM (who seemed to be one of Samsung distributor). Basically there were 5 main types of Samsung releases.
MD_samsung_series2The very first batch of 10 titles that came out on the system had specific box art for the Super Gam*Boy and sometimes came in small VHS like boxes.

First run of Samsung Megadrive games in South Korea.

And as you will see later in this article, some Master System games were even brought on Megadrive cartridge during the early Super Gam*Boy period, probably as a transition between the 2 systems (more or less legitimately…). Then came the “White, Silver & Gold” series, then the “Full Page Cover” series and the “Brick Wall” series.

Finally, the late releases were sold under the name of Samsung Home Console Games – Samsung Home game consoles with a blue, red and yellow label pretty similar to the late Japanese or European Megadrive blue label or US Genesis red label.
The Samsung Home Console Games – Samsung Home game consoles logo can also be found on the retail boxes of the Super Aladdin Boy II, both on the SPC-201N and SPC-1600R bundles.

Here’s some pictures of games I have gathered together over the last years. And by the way, If you are selling/ seeing for sale any CIB Korean game that I don’t have, please let me know !

Let’s start with the only exclusive South Korean game released by Samsung, a vertical Shoot’em up : Uzu Keobukseon – Space Turtle Ship (more infos here)

The only exclusive Samsung title released in South Korea.

Then let’s have a look at a bunch of Loose cartridges. The first set of photos shows the 10 original games released for the Super Gam*Boy, you can recognize them by the roundish blue Samsung label. From those original titles, Golden Axe and The Super Shinobi were later re-released in the “White, Silver & Gold” series. It also seems that Samsung never got the license for Rambo III, so they had to put an orange Sega logo sticker over the cart label.
Don’t hesitate to click on any of the game’s name for more pictures such as other versions comparison shots and extras infos.

Tatsujin – Tasujin – GM4001JG

Altered Beast – Wed Royal Standard – GM4002JG

Space Harrier II – Space Harrier II – GM4003JG

The Super Shinobi – Detroit Super City – GM4004JG

Golden Axe – Golden Axe – GM4005JG

Super Thunder Blade – Super Thunder Blade – GM4006JG

Rambo – 람보 III – GM4007JG

Daemagyecheon – One magyechon – GM5008JG
Zoom – Zoom! – GM4009JG

Thunder Force II – Thunder Force II – GM4010JG

Some other random loose games, in order of appearance : Mystic Defender – Ondal General, Power Monger – Power monggeo, Chiki Chiki Boys – Naughty Adventures, Fatal Fury – Page two days Fury, Landstalker – Land Stalker, Last Battle – The Last Battle, Mutant League Football – That mutbol myutan tree, Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball-bu Soccer-hen MD – Adoring high school - football, Rampart – Rampart, Sonic 3D Blast – Sonic 3D Blast, Streets of Rage 2 – Bare Knuckle 2, Streets of Rage 3 – Bare Knuckle 3, Super Street Figthers II – Super Street Fighter 2, Toe Jam & Earl – Pat holyiwa, Toe Jam & Earl in : Panic on Funkotron – Patrick Hall this, World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck – Mickey and Donald (click on any game’s name for more pics and infos).

Among those games 3 of them are interesting to look at as they are genuine South Korean release only, the first one is Mystic Defender aka “Ondal Janggun” which has been fully translated to Korean and had some graphic changes made by Samsung to match the Medieval Korean culture rather than the Japanese one. The second one is Super Street Fighter II as this one contains the western rotated names for the bosses (Balrog / M. Bison, Vega / Balrog, M. Bison / Vega) but won’t run on any western system as it is NTSC-J locked. Finally, there is Toe Jam & Earl 2 which was never released in Japan but is also locked in NTSC-J.

“White, Silver & Gold” games:
(remember, you can click on any of the game’s name for more pics & info)

Bare Knuckles – Bare Knuckles

Crying – Crying

Dahna – Is Ana

Darwin 4081 – Da-won 4081

Decap Attack – Dikaep Attack

Doraemon – Doraemon

Ecco The Dolphin – Dolphin
Ghostbusters – Sisters Ghost Bar
Kid Chameleon – Kid Chameleon
Phantasy Star II – Fantasy Star 2
Phantasy Star III – Fantasy Star 3
Power Athlete – Power approached LIT
Quackshot Starring Donald Duck – Donaldeudeok, 2 variations, corners with silver or gold.
Sasin Draxos (Risky Woods) – Reaper deuraksoseu (Wireless Key Woods)
The Kick Boxing – More kickboxing
The New Zealand Story – New Zealand Story
Sonic The Hedgehog – Sonic baramdolyi, first Samsung release of this game. Rom is a japanese Rev 01 with improved gfx and bug fixes.
Splatterhouse Part 3 – House soup printer response to three

Thunder Force III – Thunder Force III

Thunder Force IV – Thunder Force IV

Wonderboy V: Monster World III – Monseuta World 3

Some “Full Page Cover” games:
Art of Fighting – Sizing of the Issues

Battle Mania 2 – Battle Mania daeeumyang
Dr. Robotnik Mean Bean Machine / Puyo Puyo – Combat operations dongle (PuyoPuyo)

Eternal Champion – Eternal Champion
Rocket Knight Adventure – Rocket Knight Adventure
Sonic The Hedgehog – Sonic baramdolyi, second Samsung version of this game, one of the very few that got a full color instruction manual. Rom is also a Japanese Rev 01.
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 – Sonic baramdolyi 2
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 – Sonic baramdolyi 3, 2 known variations, the insert and cart label front artwork cropping is slightly different.
The Super Shinobi II – Detroit Super City 2
TMNT – Tournament Fighters – TMNT Tournament Fighters(*pics coming soon)

“Full Page Cover” Samsung games with the japanese MD logo on the spine:
Contra Hard Corps – Contra Hard Core. This South Korean version has a Japanese-like cover but holds a US Rom.

Mega Bomberman – Mega beumbeomaen
Tiny Toon Adventures : ACME All-Stars – Tiny Tune Adventures 2

“Samsung Home” Games:
Light Crusader – Light Crusader

Ragnacenty – Shinchang century Ragnar centimeters
Sonic The Hedgehog – Sonic baramdolyi, third and latest release of Sonic The Hedgehog, strangely this rom is a REV 00.

The Story of Thor – Story of doors

Hi-Com Games:
Sonic Collection – Sonic Classic

Monster World III – Monseuta World 3

Some cool cartridges

The most noticeable thing about the following game cartridges is that these are either SG-1000 or Sega Mark III games that plays directly on any Sega Megadrive or Genesis system without the need of a pass-through adaptor.

Super Wonderboy – Super Wonder Boy, SPC-200 game

This game is really cool, it comes in a classic megadrive clamshell box and a slightly modified japanese shaped megadrive cartridge where the label is only on the front. It also uses the japanese artwork from Super Wonder Boy in Monster World while the game truly is just the old classic Wonderboy (you know, the half naked blond dude with a skateboard… ). This game seems to be an official game released by Samsung, not a bootleg. A very interesting item!

Most of you surely already know how complicated it is to sort the wonderboy/monster world/adventure island series but here are some new facts about it :

– 1) Super Wonder Boy in Monster World was also released in South Korea for the Samsung Master System, it came in a Sega Mark III gold box and uses the same artwork as the one from that video (aka its japanese original artwork). Again there’s a funny fact about the box mentioning a 1MB game while the Japanese one states it’s a 2MB game (probably just a mistake though).

– 2) Classic wonder boy was also released by Hi-COM for the Master system in South Korea, gold box as well, but hold on tight : this one has a weird Hudson like adventure island artwork on the cover instead of the classic wonderboy artwork we all know…

– 3) As seen on the above video, classic Master System WonderBoy was released on Megadrive and uses Super Wonder Boy in Monster World arworks…

Power Strike – Power Strike, SPC-200 game
Like Wonderboy above, this is a Master System game called Power Strike or Aleste in Japan. It’s hard to say how many of these convert exist in South Korea.powerstrikeMSMDKOR_01

Various 3 in 1 cartridge, SPC-200 games made by Hi-Com and/or Samsung


Again, it appears to me that these cartridges were official releases in South Korea, athought they were most likely produced without the agreement of Sega Japan. They have been be made either by Hi-COM and/or Samsung in the very early stage of the Super Gam*boy era, check out this picture :

The old english Samsung logo is directly engraved onto the plastic.

The followings are Bootleg cartridges containing a bunch of Sega Master System games. Some of those SMS games are Korean Exclusive games made by OPEN or Hi-COM. The original versions of these exclusive titles as stand alone Mark III cartridges are very rare and go for quite some money when they appear on ebay.

Super Game 130

Super Game 138

Game Set 30 – Game set of 30.

Super Game 270 – Super game 270 (by CTI)

Super Game 270 game list:
001.Gaegujangi Kkachi 개구장이 까치 (HI-COM 1993 ACT)
002.Dallyeora Pigu-Wang 달려라 피구 왕 (Run Dodgeball King OPEN 1995)
003.Dinosaurs(OPEN 1994)
004.Suho cheonsa 수호 천사 (Guardian Angel – OPEN 1994)
005.Toto World 3 토토 월드 3 (DAOU / OPEN 1993)
006.Kung Fu Kid
008.The Ninja 忍者
010.Fantasy Zone
011.Action Fighter
012.Astro Warrior
013.Black Belt
014.Super Wonderboy
015.Great Baseball
016.아기 공룡 둘리 Agigongnyong Dooly (Baby Dinosaur Dooly – DAOU 1991年 ACT SHT)
018.Pro Wrestling
019.Great Volleyball
020.Super Tetris
021.Super Tennis
024.Comical Machine Gun Joe
025.Pit Pot
026.Teddy Boy Blues
027.Great Baseball
028.Super Arkanoid (HI-COM 1990 aka Woody Pop in japan)
029.My Hero
030.Ghost House
031.Spy VS Spy
032.Hang On
033.Great Soccer

While there isn’t really 270 games on this cartridge, this is one of the coolest South Korean compilation of SMS games for Megadrive I’ve seen so far. Not only it contains a bunch a great SMS games like Super Wonderboy or Fantasy Zone, it also contains 6 Korean exclusive titles, and a pirate version of Tetris.

Extras (game listing, pictures & ads)

Other Sega Hardware released by Samsung for the Megadrive
Samsung Super-32X (SPC 32X):

Mega/Sega-CD (CD-Aladdin Boy & CD-Aladdin Boy II):

A Brand New Wireless joypad from my own collection:

South Korean Ads:

Some of the finest Korean collections:

Master System / Gam*boy Games listing:

Master System / Gam*boy Games listing:
1985 Choplifter / Lifting Chopra / Chop lifter (SEGA CARD)
1985 Transbot / Astro Flash / Astro flash (SEGA CARD)
1985 Pit Pot / Magic Castle / Pot pit castle in Wonderland (SEGA CARD)
1986 Ghost House / Ghost House / Ghost House (SEGA CARD)
1986 My Hero / Youth scandals / Youth su キ ャ nn the inter Hikaru (SEGA CARD)
1986 Comical Machine Gun Joe / Machine Gun Joe komikkal / Comical Machine Gun Joe (SEGA CARD)
1986 Alex Kidd in Miracle World / Alex Kidd Miracle World of / Alex Kidd in Miracle World (1M)
1986 The Ninja / Ninja / Ninja (1M)
1986 Astro Warrior / Astro Warrior / Astro Warrior (1M)
1986 Fantasy Zone / Fantasy Zone / Fantasy Zone (1M)
1986 Rambo / Mission / Ashura / Secret Commando (1M)
1986 Black Belt / Black Belt / Beidou の boxing (1M)
1986 Action Fighter / Action Fighter / Action Fighter (1M)
1986 Space Harrier / Space Harrier / Space Harrier (2M)
1987 Zillion / Jilrion red flare / Zillion red light bullets (1M)
1987 Zillion II: The Tri Formation / Tree formation / Tri-Formation (1M)
1987 Kung Fu Kid / Underworld thermoelectric / Devil columns 伝 (1M)
1987 Wonder Boy / Super Wonder Boy / Super Wonder Boy (1M)
1987 Aztec Adventure / Nazca 88 / 88 Nasca (1M)
1987 Quartet / Double-target / Cynthia sleep double target (1M)
1987 Shinobi/ 시노비 / Endure (2M)
1987 Rocky / Rocky / Rocky (2M)
1987 Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa / Fantasy Zone 2 / Tears of Opa Opa Fantasy Zone Ⅱ (2M)
1987 Out Run / Ahutreon / Outrun(2M)
1987 After Burner / Afterburner / Afterburner (4M)
1988 Power Strike / Power Strike / Arrester (1M)
1988 Thunder Blade / Thunder Blade / Thunder Blade (2M)
1988 Double Dragon / Double Dragon / Double Dragon (2M)
1998 Wonder Boy In Monster Land / Wonder Boy 2 / Super Wonder Boy: Monster World (2M)
1988 Kenseiden / Sword of the gallery / Tradition sword (2M)
1988 Spellcaster / Gongjakwang / Peacock (4M)
1988 Phantasy Star / Phantasy Star / Phantasy Star (4M 8K)
1988 R-Type / Altaip (4M)
1989 California Games / California Games / California Games (2M)
1989 Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap / Monster World Wonder Boy? / Monster World II Dragon Trap (2M)
1990 Castle of illusion starring Mickey Mouse / Mickey Mouse - Magic Castle- / Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion(2M)
1991 The Dinosaur Dooley / Baby Dinosaur Dooly / (1M)
1991 Golden Axe Warrior / Golden Axe Warrior / Golden Axe Warrior (2M 8K)
1991 Sonic the Hedgehog / Sonic baramdolyi / Sonic the Hedgehog (2M)
1992 Tom and Jerry: The Movie / Tomgwajeri / Tom & Jerry: The Movie (2M)
1992 Ninja Gaiden / Ninja Gaiden / Ninja outside 伝 (2M)
1992 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 / Baramdolyi Sonic 2 / Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (4M)
1993 Streets of Rage / Bare Knuckles / Bare knuckle (4M)
Megadrive / Super Gam*boy / Super Aladdin Boy Games listing:

153 Titles – Does not include SPC-200 Super Gam*boy Games & some variations
Acme All Stars 타이니 튠의 모험2
Haggai Nara 악어 나라
Aladdin 알라딘
Alex Kidd Cheongong Maseong 알렉 스키드 천공 마성
Altered Beast Suwanggi 수왕기
Arang Jeonseol 아랑 전설
Ariel The Little Mermaid 인어 공주
Arrow Flash 애로우 후래쉬
Art Of Fighting Yongho-ui Kwon 용호의 권
Bad Omen 배드 오멘
Bare Knuckle 베어 너클
Bare Knuckle II 베어 너클 2
Battle Mania Daeum Yang 배틀 매니아 대음양
Bonanza Bros 보난자 브라더즈
Cadash 카다쉬
Captain America and the Avengers 캡틴아메리카
Chiki Chiki Boys 꾸러기 대모험 (Voice chikichiki)
Chuck Rock II 척록 II
Columns III 컬럼스3
Against: Hard Cops 콘트라하드코어
Cool Spot 쿨스팟
Crying 크라잉
Daemagyecheon 대마계촌
Dahna 다아나
Darwin 4081 Da-won 4081
Decap Attack 디캡 어택
Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf 데저트스트라이크
Donggeuri Toechijakjeon (Puyo Puyo) Combat operations dongle (PuyoPuyo)
Doraemon 도라에몽
Dyna Brothers 다이나 브라더즈
Ecco the Dolphin 돌핀
Eliminate Down 엘리 미네이트 다운
Eternal Champions 이터널 챔피언
Ex Ranza 액스랜자
Fatal Fury 2 Page frame Fury 2 / Arang Legend 2
FIFA International Soccer
Fifa Soccer 95 FIFA 축구 ’95
Fighting Masters 파이팅 마스터스
Gam Together N°1
Gam Together N°2
Gam Together N°3
Generations Lost 제너레이션 로스트
Ghostbusters 고스트바스터스
Gleylancer 그레이 랜서
Golden Axe (Super Aladin Boy Rerelease) Golden Axe
Golden Axe (Super Gam Boy Original Release) Golden Axe
Golden Axe II 골든액스 II
Golden Axe III 골든액스 III
Gonchung gundan 곤충 군단
Gunstar Heroes 건스타 히어로즈
Hyperdunk: The Playoff Edition 하이퍼덩크
James Pond II: Codename Robocod 제임스 폰드 2
Jordan vs. Bird 죠단 대 버드 농구
Juju Jeonseol 쥬쥬전설
Jungle Strike 정글 스트라이크
Kick Boxing, The 더킥복싱
Kid Chameleon 키드 카멜레온
King of The Monsters 킹오브몬스터스
Country Stalker 랜드 스토커
Langrisser 랑그릿사
Last Battle 라스트배틀
Lemmings 레밍스
LHX Attack Chopper LHX 어택죠퍼
Light Crusader 라이트 크루세이더
Lion King, The 라이온 킹
Mazin Saga 마징사가
Mega Bomberman 메가 븜버맨
Mickey Mania 미키 매니아
Mickey Mouse 미키 마우스
Mickey Wa Donald 미키와도날드
Monster Lair 몬스타 겐이어
Monster World III (Samsung Version) Monseuta - World III
Monster World III (Hi-COM Version) Monseuta - World III
Mutant League Football 뮤탄트리그뭇볼
NBA Live 95 NBA LIVE basketball, '95
Newzealand Story, The New Zealand Story
Olympic Gold 올림픽골드
Ondal Janggun 온달 장군
Out Runners 아웃트런너
Paper Boy 페이퍼 보이
Phantasy Star II 환타지스타 2
Phantasy Star III 환타지스타 3
Phantasy star IV 환타지스타 4
Pit-Fighter 피트 파이터
Power Athlete 파워어슬리트
Power Monger 파워몽거
QuackShot Starring Donald Duck 도날드덕
R.B.I. Baseball ’94 RBI ’94 야구
R.B.I.4. Baseball R.B.I.4. Baseball
Rambo III III 람보
Rampart 램파트
Red Zone 레드존
Ristar: The shooting star 리스타
Ristar: The shooting star (Second Release) Riseuta
RoboCop Versus The Terminator 로보캅 대 터미네이터
Rocket Knight Adventures 로켓나이트 어드벤쳐
Rolo to the Rescue 코끼리 구출 대작전
RunArk 루나크
Sangokushi III III 삼국지
Sasin Draxos (Risky Woods) Reaper deuraksoseu (Wireless Key Woods)
Shadowrun 섀도우런
Shining Force 샤이닝포스
Shining Force II 샤이 닝포스2
Sin Changsegi Ragnäcenty 신창세기 라그나센티 (fully translated to Korean)
Slap Fight 슬랩파이트
Snow Bros 스노우 브라더스
Sonic 3D Blast 3D 소닉 블러 스트
Sonic Classics 소닉 클래식
Sonic Knuckles Gwa 소닉 과 너클스
Sonic Spinball 소닉스 핀볼
Sonic the Hedgehog 바람돌이 소닉
Sonic The Hedgehog (Second Release) Sonic baramdolyi
Sonic The Hedgehog (Third Release) Sonic baramdolyi
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Sonic baramdolyi 2
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Sonic baramdolyi 3
Space Harrier II 스페이스해리어 II
Space Turtle Battleship (Keo-Buk-Sun, Korean exclusive game) Space Turtle Ship
Sparkster Rocket Knight Adventures 2 Rocket Knight Adventure 2
Splatterhouse Part 3 House soup printer response to three
Sports Talk Baseball 수퍼리그 ‘91
Steel Talons 스틸타론즈
Story of Thor 스토리 오브 도어 (fully translated to Korean)
Street Fighter II’: Special Champion Edition 스트리트파이터2’플러스
Streets of Rage 3 Bare Knuckle 3
Strider Hiryuu 스트라이더비룡
Super Boy IV 수퍼보이 IV (Korean Exclusive game, might be a bootleg).
Super Real Basketball 수퍼릴바스켓볼
Super Shinobi II, The Detroit Super City 2
Super Shinobi, The (Super Aladin Boy Rerelease) Detroit Super City
Super Shinobi, The (Super Gam Boy Original Release) Detroit Super City
Super Street Fighter II 슈퍼스트리트 파이터2
Super Thunder Blade 수퍼 썬더 블레이드
Sura Ui Mon 수라 의문
Sylvester and Tweety in Cagey Capers 실베스터와 트위터
Talespin 테일 스핀
Tatsujin 타수진
Taz Mania 타즈 메니아
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Tournament Fighters TMNT 토너먼트파이터
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Return of Shredder 티.엠.엔.티
Thunder Force II 썬더포스 II
Thunder Force III 썬더포스III
Thunder Force IV 썬더포스 IV
Time Dominator 타임 도미 네이터
Tiny Toon Adventures 타이니튠의 모험
ToeJam & Earl (Hori wa Ttungi) Pat holyiwa
ToeJam & Earl in: Panic on Funkotron 홀이와뚱이2
Tom and Jerry 돔과 제리
Ultraman 얼트라맨
Virtua Fighter 2 Beochyeo Fighter 2
Virtua Racing 버쳐레이싱
World Cup USA 94 '94 USA World Cup Soccer
World Heroes 윌드 히어로즈
Yeolhyeol Gogyo-Chukgu 열혈고교-축구
Zoom! Zoom!


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18 thoughts on “Samsung Mega Drive : Super Gam*Boy !

    • I’m the seller of the Samsung Saturn hehe

      @Jack’o’Lantern – I have a Korean version of the SMS Model 1 if you are interested. I do not have a matching controller though. You can contact me at

      Great Article Dentifritz Wink

  1. great article on the console Samsung Gam * Boy, I’m sorry for the watermark, and this corrected. if the time to refresh the page

    keep the link of your website on every page where your image appears

    if there are any other problems send me an email or use the Discusión tab

  2. Where can you buy those early issues of Game World and also, any Samsung Gam*Boy games for sale anywhere such as Sonic 1, or any of the other ones pictured? I would love to add those to my collection.. Any other South Korean gaming magazines from the late 80s to the early to mid 90s would also be appreciated! Thank you! Smile

    • I’d say in South Korea or on South Korean gaming forums, with a lot of luck. I don’t own those magazines, they come from another collector in South Korea who’s lend me the pictures.

  3. There is a third revision of the Wireless Megadrive controller with a gray circular Samsung logo on it. I have the receiver for it and I’ve seen the controller before.

    • Nice to see someone that knows quite a bit about Korean gaming Yes
      Anyway, feel free to contact me by email if you want to discuss this any further. (icon on top of the search box)

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  6. Wow you really put an effort on writing this article. I’m a Korean and didn’t even knew this kind of console existed Shock How did you even manage to gather this amount of information, even though your not Korean? I bet almost none of Korean would know deeply as you about this one. You did a really splendid job on this. Thumbs up man!

  7. I respect your pretty article. When I was young , My mother give me the game machine at my birthday. So I don`t forget Gamboy.
    Thank you for your article I indulge in reminiscence.

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