[Arrival] Taiko Drum Expert Portable DX

If there is a game that goes well this summer is Taiko Drum Expert Portable DX on a handheld. Third installment of the series to emerge on the PlayStation Portable from Sony and released on 14 Last July we can say that it will be waiting 3 best weeks before arrival. You will say, the main thing is that he arrived safely and before the end of summer! Go hop headphones on, a deck and HAJIMARUTO! Sun Drink
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Arrivage Play-asia.com

While my limited edition’Akai Katana xbox 360 has just been sent, Here are a late arrival from at Play-asia. I realize that it really makes a lease that I had not received any new import from Japan. I must say that I'm in a big time retro-gaming at the moment…

It contains small airmail games Dragon Ball Z Kai Ultimate Butôden Nintendo DS and Mamoru-Kun in its Playstation 3. The absence of this parcel is Otomedius Excellent Konami recently released, I must say I am still taking it feels…

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