Famicom from Taiwan and other exciting stories about the Asian distribution.

As an amateur history of the distribution market “exotic”, I discover every day. And as you say it is not pie. Latest discovery dated : each Famicom Taïwanaise. After version Hong Kong that I had made earlier in the year alongside its big sister, Taiwan version here now. Little information is currently circulating on this version, but I suggest you at least find the console images with some cool bonus stories.

As is often the case with this kind of rare and exotic console, I found it in loose. So I can not tell you if the packaging was similar to the Japanese version or not, which is responsible for its distribution over Taiwan or if it was specific accessories. By cons it seems that games have been localized specifically to taiwan, I've discovered so far 2 range “pulse line” :

In addition to a different serial number to the AC adapter : “HVC-002TPE (HVC-002 in Japan and HCV-002À HKG Hong Kong), this console is modified AV, but does not have as its counterpart 50/60hz switch Hong Kong. It thus turns only NTSC 60hz as the Japanese version. Note also brushed aluminum plate on the front of the console. This plate was different on the HK version here as well but change is very subtle compared to the Famicom in Japan made. “Nintendo” is written in Chinese. It is not the only thing that changes as instructions above the power and reset buttons and port extension in the front are also Chinese (or where they were in English on the HK version and Japanese on the Japanese version).

To find this console, you really get lucky, a little picture of the recent ebay auction listed wrong and no mention of the fact that it is a version of Taiwan (seller probably unaware).

Another great find from the Professor Dentifritz nan ? Nerd

In the same kind, did you know ?

A Taiwan, La Master System, or rather the Mark III and the Sega SG-1000 games and were officially distributed by the company specializes in electronic Aaronix (Alor)

In Singapore and Malaysia, the Megadrive, the Gamegear and Saturn were officially distributed by the Group Wywy founded in 1976 by Dr.. Yip Yan Wong. A graduate of Harvard had already recorded 76 companies 1995 ! It is not to be confused with Dr.. Wei Yen, founder of the brand Nintendo iQue China. Consoles were zoned PAL 50hz. The group would have had storefront shops and have participated in the installation of E-zone Sega (game-centers) Indonesia. In 1997, Yip Yan Wong ouvre 3 theme park indoors with Sega Enterprise Inc.. (with themes of virtual reality and interactive attractions)…

En Thailande, The Megadrive was distributed by a company called Galaxy. Founded by the torque M. Amorn et Mme Puangpetch Apithanakoon (whew !), This company started its activity in restoring 1970 to 1990 ! In 1985, the company is flourishing then ventured into the business of video game through M. Amorn and became the first company distributing and exclusive Enterprise Sega Thai market. On the twenty arcade game of the same 86, the company moved to a park 5 centers and over 5000 machines today. Megadrive games were versions Asia (packaging occidental) and consoles in PAL 50hz turned (packaging and format console Japan / Asia).

En Inde, the Megadrive was also officially released, through the company Shaw Wallace, an old house dating from 1886 specializing in the sale of spirits… The console was manufactured directly from Bombay 1994 (to avoid 80% taxes on import) and was sold in the spring 1995 at a price of 18.000 rupees (or 250 € !), certainly not within the reach of all Indian stock exchanges. Once again, she turned in PAL 50hz and games were versions Asia.

South Korea, Samsung before, games console and SG-1000 and Mark III were distributed by the company Korea Oacs Co. Ltd.. There is the logo on OACS cartridges and consoles like the one in my possession below (cartridge console unfortunately not).

In golf and the Middle East, more precisely in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Sega products, whose Megadrive, were distributed officially 1992 to 1999 by the company M. Omar Kassem Alesayi, Alesayi United Company conglomerate business (Alesayi Group). This company has also distributed products SNK, you know like the NAM-1975 Neo Geo to the jacket censored :
The brand At Almiah also distributed MSX different forms in Saudi Arabia, with numerous games and software in cartridge format. Three of the MSX computers, the AX330, AX660 and AX990 also had a port Megadrive cartridge !

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7 thoughts on “Famicom from Taiwan and other exciting stories about the Asian distribution.

    • I investigate this further Famicom Taiwan, I would like to find a picture of the box ^ ^

      For pix, I remain available to them if they need photos, but hey I do not know if they are interested.

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  2. Très sympa de nous faire partager l’objet de tes recherches. This is all the more enjoyable as there are few sites / blogs that are interested in these exotic materials. =)

    PS : I'm a little surprised something, you make some efforts on compliance with names but not all like the Mega Drive or Game Gear you write all tied up and with a capital. It's nitpicking, but as you do further efforts in this regard, thing that stands out and is not seen everywhere, I would note that small. Wink

    • Glad you like it, after all I do not do it for me out-but simply because I find these fascinating stories Smile

      For spelling consoles, has already made me remark in private and I KNOW ! but as they say : natural hunting and their spotsThinking , it's like people who say Game[space]YAR ou PC-Engaïne… this is an old trick “the time” ; but I promise I will try to make efforts (or even a “search and replace” in the database of the blog when I have time haha).

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