SuperFamicom : Super Mario World 2 Yoshi’s Island SFC-HKG

Between diaper changes, I finally managed to squeeze this little note that I was keen to heart. I recently discovered a game Super Famicom distributed and above officially localized for Hong Kong Nintendo couple. I had already submitted my console SFC officially sold there by the distributor Mani-Limited in this entry and I was totally unaware of the existence of any game location for this region (HK is usually found at that time either import or JPN versions of local pirate).

The game in question is Super Mario World 2 – Yoshi’s Island. Very VERY little information circulating on the web “why and how” this version of, and elsewhere, made all the more surprising, This is to my knowledge the only game to have been located in this way ! O_o Maybe because-it's an excellent game released late in the console and it sold really well ? Really, I have no idea, and I have not found anything on the forums of most collectors “Hardcore”… Other things that intrigue me, is that the game was distributed directly by Nintendo and not Mani-Limited, like some games GameBoy, and that the Super Famicom logo used (with his silver gradient) is visible anywhere else in the graphics of Nintendo Japan. Here is indeed a game official, but shrouded in mystery. I dug up by chance on PUR, it was poorly listed. Both say it is certainly the rarest version of the game (mainly “CIB”) after the Korean version of Hyndai !

The box is in PAL / USA but did stipulate SUPER FAMICOM.

Still quite a find is not it ?

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7 thoughts on “SuperFamicom : Super Mario World 2 Yoshi’s Island SFC-HKG

    • Ben listens for now, one, it is the only !
      As I said, I was checking out the beautiful forums most hardcore and that's the only game to be discovered in this version for now Sweat

  1. Truly amazing… And weird at the same time, since this version seems to say the least exotic mix happily elements of SFC and SNES, while providing a unique logo Question
    Given the PCB, the cartridge seems official… This is perhaps a packaging that packs a real pirate cartridge, but I do not see much use… Is there a Nintendo official database that lists all the serial numbers? It could help confirm the origin of the product!
    But is that the game runs at least?

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