Hyundai Super Comboy : The Master List (in English)

Over the last years, I’ve presented a bunch of South Korean Hyundai Super Nintendo games on this blog. I haven’t updated that area of my collection since then because I’ve been busy with other things, like finishing the Samsung Super Gam*Boy article.
This article being *almost* completed, I decided to move on and spend some more time on gathering infos about Nintendo’s 16bit console Market in South Korea. It’s been a little more difficult for me to actually get my hands on Super Comboy games and shoot them from every angle like I did with the Super Gam*boy games ; mainly because of the global popularity of the Super Nintendo around the world. Popularity also means there’s a lot more people now than there used to be getting interested in purchasing those games when they appear which result in constant price increases. To be perfectly honnest this is one of the reason I haven’t been too keen on sharing my infos, as I’m quite sure this kind of article will brings new players into collecting Super Comboy games. Players that will surely go credit card crazy as soon as the next Complete-In-Box Super Comboy game pops-up. So I made a choice, I recently convinced myself that some games are now simply out of my league and decided to publish this piece anyway. Enjoy it Wink

Super Comboy Loose Cartridges taken from my personal collection.

Super Comboy Loose Cartridges taken from my personal collection.

Behold the Hyundai Super Comboy 슈퍼 컴보이 Master List !



As you can see on the Master List, I’ve counted 34 official Hyundai/Cost releases, 1 bootleg release and 1 official accessory so far. But there might be more, for exemple some variations still need to be accounted for as no real box pictures have been seen for them up to this day like the Super Mario Kart blue box. Also it seems that a lot of games were imported straight from japan, some carrying a very simple black & white instruction sheet in Korean (Romancing Sa-Ga 2)… hard to say how many of these are around in South Korea, besides it looks as if most of these were RPGs with a heavy load of japanese text. One can hardly consider them as real Super Comboy release (NBA JAM unlinke T.E. who was at least repacked by Hyundai).

(you can click on the game’s name for further details, when available).

•Official Releases :

Axelay – Two arc threshold

Brawl Brothers – Brawl Brothers
Brawl Brothers

Congo’s Caper – Congo off kaeppeo
Congo's Caper

Contra III : The Alien Wars – Contra 3
Contra III

Dragon Ball Z Super Butouden 3 – Dragon Ball Z chomu tujeon 3 – Hyundai 현대 전자

Dragon Ball Z Super Butouden 3 – Dragon Ball Z chomu tujeon 3 – Cost Coast trade (Reprint)DBZ3 reprint

F-Zero F-제로

Fighter’s History – Fighters History

Final Fight – Final White
Final Fight

Hanguk Pro Yagu (Super 3D Baseball) – Korea Professional Baseball

Mega Man X – Megamaen X

Mega Man X 3 – Megamaen X3 – Cost Coast trade

Street Fighter II – Street Fighter

Super Buster Bros. – Super Booster Arbroath

Super Donkey Kong – Super Donkey Kong

Super Donkey Kong 2 – Super Donkey Kong 2

Super Donkey Kong 3 – Super Donkey Kong 3

Super Ghouls’n Ghosts – Think super burn's Ghost

Super Mario All Stars – Super Mario All Stars

Super Mario Kart (Blue SNES Box) – Super Mario Kart To Be Confirmed (TBC)

Super Mario Kart – Super Mario Kart (Reprint)

Super Mario RPG – Super Mario RPG

Super Mario World – Super Mario World

Super Mario World – Super Mario World (Reprint)

Super Mario World 2 : Yoshi Island – Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Super Soccer – Super Soccer
Super Soccer

Super Street Fighter 2 – Super Street Fighter 2

Taekwon-Do – Taekwondo

Tetris & Dr. Mario – Tetris & Dr. Mario
Tetris & Dr Mario

TMNT IV : Turtles in Time – Expanded the power of the cast

The Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past – The Legend of Zelda – Of links to the past

Tiny Toon Adventures : Buster Bust Loose ! Tiny Toon Adventures : Buster boots Rougetinytoon_01_1600

U.N. Squadron – U.N. Squadron

NBA JAM T.E. – NBA Tournament Edition

•Bootleg :

Super 20 in 1 – Super 20 Day – GL (Game Line) GL game lines

•Japanese Import with black & white instruction sheet in Hangul (might be more of these around) :

Romancing Sa-ga 2 – Romancing Saga 2

Seiken Densetsu 3 – Seonggeom legend 3 (TBC)

Utopia – Utopia

•Official Accessory :

Super Mini Comboy – Super Mini-Com Boy


Hardware Revisions


I’ve counted 4 different console revisions and 2 Joypad revisions :

1) Console with English Buttons names, ON/OFF and POWER LED Embossed in English on the front plates (100% English)

2) Console with Hangul Buttons names, ON/OFF and POWER LED Embossed in Hangul on the front plates (100% Hangul)

3) Console with Hangul Buttons names and embossed POWER LED, but ON/OFF is embossed in English on the dark grey font plate (mixed)

4) Console with Hangul Buttons names, ON/OFF and POWER LED Embossed in English on the front plates but also printed in Hangul on the side. (Mixed)

3 different variations taken from my personal collection

3 different variations taken from my personal collection

Again there might be more, these are just the obvious hardware revisions but I belive some motherboard were also different, check out this exemple :


Different Power plug, some are AC other are DC = means different revisions of the motherboard (I also believe some might have the plug-in sound board and some just the soundchip, I haven’t checked yet, but the one I’ve modified myself with stereo output had the sound board inside).

Regarding the Joypad (SNSN-005 AGE), only 2 known variations :
1) Start + Select buttons in English
2) Start + Select buttons in Hangul




Let’s finish this article on a funny note with the 2 super cheesy TV commercials (beware, copyright infringement inside !) :


Disclaimer & Thanks

All content from this article is © – 2011-2013, except for pictures without watermarking who belong either to the public domain or to their respective owner.

Licence Creative Commons

Do not copy, modify or sell this article unless you have been authorized to do so by You can however quote some part of it as long as you give credit to for it and post a link to this original page along with the quote. It has taken me a lot of time to compile, understand and write all the informations from this article, please respect my work.

Thanks to Hongseok for his help clearing out some infos regarding games and to all the people in South Korea collecting and posting images of their retro-gaming collection on the internet at Naver, Ruliweb & Egloos.

Special Thanks to Prupru for providing me with his own collection photos and feedback. Checkout his amazing Super Nintendo Collection !
And to William Pacheco / novadaemon for his Super Comboy variation images, check out his Korean games collection.

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18 thoughts on “Hyundai Super Comboy : The Master List (in English)

  1. I’d love to talk to you more about your post. You are technically using a pic of mine without permission, but that’s not a big deal. I’ve almost got a fullset of Super Comboy games, and I’m collecting for a bunch of other Korean systems. I feel I can clarify some more stuff in your article as I own around 7 Super Comboys, and I had over 10 at one point. Anyway, please feel free to e-mail me if you’d like to learn more. Thanks.

    • Hi William, thanks for the post and welcome Smile

      Which image are you referring to ? The one with the 3 Super Comboy ? Just so you know it’s hard to claim the ownership of an image if that one hasn’t been watermaked in some way (I found it in google… how does one know where it is originally from then ?). These, unless stated otherwise simply belong to public domain from the day you put them online.

      But I’m not a jerk, as you can see in my disclaimer, I’m saying all image without watermark are NOT mine. I’m not trying to steal anything from anyone, but just to illustrate my article. If it causes you any sort of trouble I will take it down Smile no sweating.

      Feel free to discuss and clarify things here, I will then update my article in consequence (and of course add you to the Thanks section).

      • As far as revisions on controllers are concerned, there are multiple revisions where the sticker on the back is not the same. I’ve seen 3 or 4 revisions. Also, strangely, I’ve seen 2 different cases where the controller is a US style controller. however, I don’t know if this is someone who has simply replaced the buttons so I don’t know if it should be counted.

        The Super Comboy has had just as many motherboard revisions as the SFC including the separate audio box, 2-chip and 1-chip revisions. On your CH1-2 revision, did you look on the bottom to see a Hyundai sticker? I had one like that before but got rid of it. One real interesting revision of the Super Comboy is the revision where the RF port has been removed. If you are going to count revisions with every change then there are a minimum of 6 revisions. If we count combinations where the motherboard has changed then we might get up to 10 revisions.

        On a side note, I don’t really care if you use the pics, though if you use any in the future credit might be nice. When you start getting into Samsung Saturn stuff and GB/GBA let me know.

        • This controller with US colors looks a bit *Mmm Wink

          As far as I know only the French Super Nintendo didn’t have the RF port right from the begining (since we’ve always used RGB here).
          Maybe that revision of Super Comboy was meant to be played in North Korea (PAL/Secam as well) haha. Joke aside, that’s indeed an interesting revision, even Japan, Hong Kong and the US didn’t get late revisions without the RF Port.

          Regarding my CH1-2 Super Comboy what do you want to know about the bottom sticker ? the year it was made ? That one has plug in sound board BTW. I know it because I added stereo output to it.

          I will send you an email to discuss the rest Smile

  2. Just a word for William Pacheco : have you got a picture of a complete Tiny Toons or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game on Super Comboy ? That could be a good thing for the article and Dentifriz and mine’s enlightenment. ^^ Many thanks.

      • Yeah the other day we were discussing with Prupru about the tiny toon box. Wondering what color it is, our bet is green or gray/silver but we have yet to see the box.

        Same goes for the blue boxed Mario Kart.

        BTW I found another game imported from Japan with just an extra black and white manual in Korean : Utopia. Again it’s an RPG which let me think that only games from this genre came that way.

        • Hi guys,

          I found a blue boxed Super Mario Kart today. Two actually. Both boxes were nice and had complete instructions inside. The problem was that both were missing their games. The shop owner refused to sell me the box. Unfortunately he also had Contra, UN Squadron, Brawl Brothers with box and manual but no game. I didn’t try to buy those but knowing how this blog has a TBC on the blue box Mario Kart I did attempt to buy that one. No dice. Also didn’t have a camera so I wasn’t able to snap a picture. I should be able to get one soon. It looks pretty much just like the Super Buster one.

  3. William Pacheco : I know your collection. If I’m right, I bougth you my 1st korean Super Comboy on eBay. Wink My collection grow a little bit since. ^^ You’ve always 2 games which are missing me (The 2 Street Fighter).

    • Yes you did, and it’s amazing to see that your Super Comboy collection is more complete than mine! If you need to get Street Fighter let me know. I know someone who is selling their cartridge.

  4. Hi. I have a one quesiton.

    I want to know super comboy(Boy supercomputer) Logo font on the top of the picture of The Hyundai super comboy master list

    Please answer

  5. Hello,

    I live in Busan and am trying to get my hands on a Super Comboy. Any insight into where to look or which types of terms I can put into Naver, etc. ? I figure 50,000 is about what It’ll cost when I find one which is fine.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


    • Hello Chris I ‘m in Busan also a go to eva’s taco night all the time maybe we can meet and exchange locations to find Comboy stuff. Just picked up several Comboy games and even some US snes games. Like a CIB Syndicate.

      • Whoa…I just found a CIB syndicate. Yes, please contact me. My email is *check link on comment author* (removed from here to avoid attracting spam bots).

  6. Hi,

    Very nice collection.

    How much was the Super Comboy for its launch in South Korea in the won currency ?

    Thank you very much if you know the answer,en.


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