Vide grenier du dimanche Vol-6

This morning wakeup 7h30 for a small flea market in a small village lost in the mountains 10 minutes from my house. With only 100 exhibitors announced, I had relatively little hope at the outset to find something. However, there was a booth with a guy who was selling games Famicom (de merde) with a mobile Famiclone, an Nes, a Vectrex with games, 2 DMG, Dingoo and a lot of DBZ figures, but when I asked a few prices, everything was “collector” and so hyper expensive. So I spent my way, especially since the M. was more than uncomfortable (the spears a m'a “how it is expensive ?” limit myself withdrawing products from the hands…). A good start which is nice in the morning… I confess that apart from some Mickey Parade and a manual Beaver Junior, I thought I would find anything else. But but but…
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Megadrive games Chinese / Taiwanese / Russian


Last post on my purchases of retro games in China with a ticket filled with photos securities in box & notice. Pas mal of Bootlegs (unlicensed pirates) of course but also some exclusive titles developed in Taiwan in the late years 90 and some were allowed to exit via the English SuperFighter Team (Beggar Prince, Legend of Wukong… ). We will also see how, while being non-official, Cantonese Society in a ended up becoming, at least locally, itself to be copied later with products of lesser quality. Finally I will touch briefly on Russian market, country or Megadrive seems to have unofficially hardback after the fall of the Berlin Wall. This would explain why some cartridges produced in China have a label in Russian (I found a carton of Contra Hard Corps like this, you will see after the jump in ticket). A busy schedule but a priori, I think should interest, the most hardcore retro-gamers !
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