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Some of you may have had a brief glimpse at these games a ticket on my last trip to China, but I wanted to take the time to properly present these here Game Boy Advance games officially sold in China under the trademark iQue. iQue is a Chinese joint venture (more commonly known Joint Venture in the jargon) founded in 2002 by a Dr.. Wei Yen (a software engineer) et Nintendo Japan in order to distribute legally and officially branded products of Osaka, Japan.

China, The system Joint Venture is mandatory for any foreign company wishing to settle in the territory officially. A little as if he needed to be 50% nationalized. This may seem a bit odd but as this method is not new, to give you another example, the sign of retail Carrefour moved this way in China from 1995 (and even before in Taiwan 1989!). In simple, tomorrow if you want to start a business in China, it will necessarily associate yourself with a Chinese to do. But back on topic, from 2003, iQue will announce its iQue Player (Fugue machine) au TGS, a kind of miniature N64 standing in a large joypad in which you insert the flash card game format (more info here) and of course reserved for the Chinese market. Then came the turn of the Game Boy Advance, who will be entitled to some localized games (8 have total) and some wonderful limited edition console now highly sought by collectors :

Will ensue the DS, DSlite DSi and Wii. Note that for the Wii, I have not seen on my last trip to Beijing, indeed the only ones available in stores Korean import versions were not versions iQue. By cons I was lucky to find iQue GBA games (and as the GBA already belongs to the past, with us over there as, what versions are really not easy to find!). First detail “shock” they are sold in boxes of games DS ! And elsewhere, if you have Japanese DS games, You may have noticed that the molding of housings provided a location for a GBA cartridge. Only Wario Land Advance does not have the right to housing, instead it was delivered in a black velvet pouch with the inscription “it’s me Mario” on top and a small cardboard sleeve illustration of the game resuming the. Note that these games have been fully localized, whether their packagning, in-game texts, logos etc.… everything is in Chinese. This phenomenon is rare enough to be stressed. And up to now comparison photos with versions Nintendo Japan Smile

Metroid Fusion

Metroid Zero Mission

Super Mario Advance 2 – Super Mario World

Super Mario Advance 3 – Yoshi Island

Made In Wario

Wario Land Advance

The various graphical Chinese titles, compared with the Japanese.

Not all that pretty cool ? Cool

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8 thoughts on “iQue Game Boy Advance

  1. Great article very informative. I knew that the N64 as the AICS I did not know that for other consoles it was always. Anyway nice find for GBA games. You did not manage to get their hands on the GBA that you show ? They are splendid Big Smile

    • Not, but to be honest I have not really tried yet. It must be findable on the spot with good local contacts. Otherwise level GBA games I'm not far from the full set because I lack more than F-Zero and Super Mario Advance 2 iQue (it would seem to confirm, but the range includes 8 titles only !)

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