Quackshot, another ! (Tec Toy)

Ahhh ça and est, after months of patience, I finally got hold of Brazilian version distributed by Tec Toy Quackshot. Some of you know, Quackshot is one of my favorite games on the Megadrive, and one of the retro titles which I replay more than once a year (and I always end up fingers in the nose). After presenting the Korean versions, I propose a new little recap in pictures of all versions of the game that I met today. Continue reading

Megadrive Games Asia

The peculiarity of these games Megadrive version ASIA, that is officially marketed by SEGA for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand, is that they contain either Roma multi-zones (JUE) be zoned PAL in Japanese cartridges.
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Made In Korea Vol-2 (QuackShot Starring Donald Duck)

It seems that when we love we do not count… Chic
Quackshot is simply in my TOP 10 of the best set of all time (that begins with Zelda 3, Mario 4, Sonic 1… ). I do not explain my passion for this game, but it is part of those I finish again and again without getting tired of, I know by heart and which I do not lose even more life! I just dig up in the Korean version (yet!) that's why I took the opportunity to do a group photo Nerd
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Crows Zero I & II, The Incredibles.


Et hop, Three new Blu-ray movies in the video library! The first box contains the 2 films “Crows Zero” director Takashi Miike, one of my favorite Japanese directors with Sogo Ishii and Takeshi Kitano (whose last feature film “Outrage” is really excellent also). Miike's films have the distinction of being always either hyper violent (voir Ichi the killer) or else downright unhealthy (I think back to Gozu… ) but sometimes comic fantastico (yokai wars, Sukiyaki Western Django). It is also to him that we owe the film adaptation times and my bad for not Ryu Ga Gotoku (yakuza). In 2 films Crows Zero, we are in the high school gang fight loubars : the “Bancho”. Another theme of violence so, but with some very funny moments, see fantastic (some guys are so hefty that is is simply inhuman!). If we could transpose a Beat'em all film, Crows Zero is the perfect example.

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