SuperFamicom : Super Mario World 2 Yoshi’s Island SFC-HKG


Between diaper changes, I finally managed to squeeze this little note that I was keen to heart. I recently discovered a game Super Famicom distributed and above officially localized for Hong Kong Nintendo couple. I had already submitted my console SFC officially sold there by the distributor Mani-Limited in this entry and I was totally unaware of the existence of any game location for this region (HK is usually found at that time either import or JPN versions of local pirate).
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#NES – Hong Kong Version


I had already submitted the Nintendo FAMICOM as amended in Hong Kongaise this entry, but the other feature of this very small area south of Canton, is to have also had the right to its own version of the NES, distributed by also Simon & Toys. This article will give a visual presentation (even if the light is not with me today for photos…) This version of the console, as well as’a comparison with our European NES. You will see there are quite a few differences friendly.
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#Famicom & #Super Famicom – Hong Kong Version


Always in my console started coming from countries more or less exotic, I present here two of my latest acquisitions, a Famicom the first model sold only in Hong Kong, a model quite rare since few distributed, and which has very interesting features. Then a Super Famicom,, with a small level feature video output. Both consoles are complete, with their box, even if they were obviously well lived. A ticket that is close to my heart since I lived some years in Hong Kong !
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Megadrive Games Asia


The peculiarity of these games Megadrive version ASIA, that is officially marketed by SEGA for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand, is that they contain either Roma multi-zones (JUE) be zoned PAL in Japanese cartridges.
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