Made In Korea Vol-1 (Super Comboy)

Here is a small cardboard straight from South Korea. But what can it contain? I give you a clue : this is a magnificent piece of retro-gaming with the name 슈퍼 컴보이 (it should not really help you? ^^). Then you have found ? Yes I'm sure you've seen the look below.

Well it contains a “Super Comboy”! Kezako one Super Comboy? It's just a Super Nintendo officially sold in South Korea by Hyndai. Moreover it is NTSC 60hz so it would be even more of a Super Famicom Korean, although there is clearly marked above Super Nintendo. For info, controllers have long cables like we had in Europe and its original adapter plugs that has the same home and a 110/220v switch. In short a real small hybrid. But let the technical side and space for pictures as I propose here a side by side unique because it is the Super Comboy with its version of Super Mario All Stars Korean next to his Japanese counterpart, one Super Famicom (with its version of Super Mario All Stars also):

Here the pub TV This Super Comboy, as you'll notice everything is horribly designed, it was also hard to believe that the rights holders of licenses represented in this pub were consulted because it is unlikely that you can see Goku, the Ninja Turtles, Ryu & Chun-li, Buster Bunny, Seiken Densetsu Heroes of 2, Draque of V and Nintendo also gathered here…

Following is a detailed gallery of Super Mario All Stars in the version published by Korean Hyundai (picture from this entry sur GK)

To close this ticket, Remember that you can find more photos in the collection section :

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20 thoughts on “Made In Korea Vol-1 (Super Comboy)

    • "Besides it is NTSC 60hz so it would be even more of a Korean Super Famicom" Wink

      It is indeed a beautiful machine, not as much as the Korean version of the megadrive 1 with the megacd 1 that goes with that said. My contact in Korea can not find ... Frown

  1. You start strong !

    I'm know the excellent DJ Max developed by Korean studio , these machines are totally alien to me for some unknown if it was not party of Japanese territory.

    According to its price and zoning policy , it may present an excellent alternative to keep intact the Japanese models but from what you say it seems rare so I think we will always side duo of Super Famicom and other clones that have emerged in Japan ^ ^

    • In fact South Korea has had a few bikes that prepared the same everywhere with the same periods (nes, snes, master system, megadrive, megacd, 32x, neogeo, saturn etc.…). Only they have become extremely rare because weakly distributed under license from Korean big business (Following the blockade of the country on Japanese products).
      Finally, it is also because the Koreans, just like the Yanks and the Europeans, are not as careful as the Japanese have thrown much to spend on new products. Ah, but as you noticed this post is Flight 1 I keep a little for the rest. Wink

  2. Ouaahhh ! I thought I knew most of the packs out at the time (but only in their current versions, Japan / USA / Europe), I do not know anything about the specificity of the Korean market. As a, whether for the Super Famicom or Sega Genesis, we are in presence of small collectors in power.

    Quand tu dis “sold by Hyundai”, Koreans were involved only the sale, or they made the console to their local market ? What then the quality of manufacture ?

    • A bit like consoles distributed by Victor in Japan there are also a Samsung Megadrive.
      If I remember correctly the PCB of the latter provided a manufacture in Korea by Samsung , Moreover, some components differed from original , AC must be the case for the Super Famicom.

    • To tell you everything, I did not open the console to go check.
      In the words of Sp!nz, there are chips Goldstar (LG today) PCB and Samsung and Samsung is stamped on the Megadrive Korean, but I do not even know if these components are also present on Japanese consoles. One like the other parts have surely made in Japan and Korea, but above all keep the proc Sega and Yamaha sound chip original.

      Unlike the Megadrive, I think the SNES is the same in all respects by the SFC against, I say that without certainty but it is the only one with the Nintendo logo on it and to have retained its original name out there…

    • Unfortunately not, given the rarity of the animal and the difficulty in obtaining, I already consider myself fortunate to have had, she and her pad, Non-yellowing, and no scratches. FYI I saw one go on in a disgusting state, Loose and damaged for more 110$ no postage…

      I've seen pictures of the box on the net by cons but even my contact who lives in Seoul on hard to find gear in good condition or full Ghost

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  6. In fact there are two different versions of Super Comboy Korean (I have both on hand) :

    First version : Like yours, le through a Hangul ( et le button POWER et RESET (written in English) (My model is 1993)

    Second version : Name in Korean, like yours in the picture but the buttons POWER, RESET, EJECT are transcribed in hangul and ON and OFF next to POWER (my console of the year 1996)

    Koreans never keep boxes consoles, (Question space) so it is very difficult to find one with box.

    • In fact there are more, I have in my possession 3 different versions :
      2 we look identical in appearance except that there are differences in levels of motherboards, are 2 different models, one with a very weird AC outlet (round and very big with a small pin in the middle).

      And then there are actually variations in buttons :

      1) Buttons in English, ON/OFF et led POWER “engraved” English in Hull (100% English so)
      2) Boutons and Hangul, ON/OFF et led POWER “engraved” in Hangul in the hull (100% hangul)
      3) Boutons and Hangul, ON/OFF et led POWER “engraved” English in the shell but also printed in Hangul next. (mix)
      4) Buttons and LED POWER in Hangul, ON/OFF “engraved” English in Hull (mix)

      For controllers I only counted 2 variations :
      1) Manette avec Start + Select English
      2) Manette avec Start + Select and hangul


  7. Could you show more pics of this version? I am talking about the back of the console with the differents conextions and pictures of the original power supply,,en,I am intriged,,en (I am intriged Suspense ).

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