Made In Korea Vol-3 (Super Comboy)

Following this entry in which I presented the Super Nintendo in its Korean version (called Super Comboy and distributed by Hyundai). This time, I dug up 2 new games to add to my collection of rare Asian small atypical. I say “rarities” because unless you know someone in Korea who himself knows where to look or have the chance of the chopper 3 games that go on ebay in the year to finish at crazy prices, these versions are really extremely difficult to obtain (and even more unfortunately, in good condition). Overview of these 2 latest finds :

Super Mario World 2 – Yoshi Island / Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (1995)

Axelay / Two arc threshold (1992)

It is interesting to note several things about these images. The first is that Korea is localized to the games really hard, probably due to ignorance of English. Just look at the back of the box to Axelay to realize that the technology that is used is TMNT Turtles in Time from the same publisher. Also notice the ugly tape used to hide the mark on the handle of the console in the instructions for Yoshi Island (there is also often blurred screenshots see upside on other games… ). The second thing, this is the format boxes. In fact according to my research, it seems that Nintendo and Capcom have opted for the format length / height boxes Super Famicom Japanese while all other editors have chosen them for the standard size Euro / U.S.. Funny bazaar… Finally, I do not know if I had already said, but these cartridges contain the U.S. roms games and not the Japanese roms.

The last picture is just for fun, because I remembered that I had another shot in Korean version of Konami, the excellent Gradius V for PlayStation 2!

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10 thoughts on “Made In Korea Vol-3 (Super Comboy)

  1. A must , mint and Korean version which is more Smile

    We self-indulgent Grin

    After the events of Fukushima I went to emergency in Korea but near Pusan ​​to return more quickly that I was not able to ultimately

    You've got places in Korea ? Razz

    • Pusan/busan, it looks very pretty as a city by the sea, this is one of the places I would love to go if I go back over there.

      Unfortunately no I do not have a good address, just a touch over there, collector and with whom I “captures” some double.

    • Well, I'd say it just one interest in the country, I fell in love during my first trip. But also and especially because-that as a retro-gamer and amateur import, I like that is hard to find or unusual and anecdotes that go with. In fact what I like is also the work of documentation that goes with it and I find interesting (especially for this time finally). Why, comment, where… Nerd

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