Collection Silent Hill & To IG HS 3

The output of the last special issue of GI magazine devoted to horror in video games is an opportunity for me to revisit a series that I really appreciate the kind : Silent Hill. I take this opportunity to introduce you to all the games and guides from my collection. As is now usual to my blog, this presentation is obviously accompanied by numerous photos and videos order to allow you, I hope, to appreciate the different games in their detail. Continue reading

Playstation3 : Ico / Shadow of the Colossus Limited Box + Collection

Here is the final piece to be added in my “small” specific collection of masterpieces Fumito Ueda that are ICO and Wanda to Kyozō. In this post I'll quickly show you this limited edition Japanese remastered versions in HD 3D pour Playstation 3 (I say quickly because like Bababaloo or fr4nz, I want to keep mine nine…). But I'll introduce you especially my entire collection ICO – Shadow of the Colossus through ma chaine youtube ! When this box, towards the shelf with GOW3, for when I have time to play… in 2012…
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Unboxing : BioHazard 15th Anniversary BOX [e-capcom Limited Edition]

Sent the 9, received on 19… we can say that this little coli sent airmail will not be dragged (especially that there was 2 weekend between the two !). I'm not going to spread over the content of this Box 15th Anniversary collector de BioHazard en version e-Capcom since I had already done there few days, but I'll suggest an image gallery and a small video its contents. For those interested, Note that this version is already Collector Sold out long, but you can always fall back on the simple version in import for now because, no Blu-ray version of HD remakes planned outside of Japan (dematerialized only for us Western…).
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Vide grenier du dimanche Vol-2

Back to garage sale this Thursday morning of the climb with a garage located about an hour's drive from my house. The loot games / BD is meager and there was not much to put in their mouths except if you like to pay dearly for bins (PS1 à loose 20 euros, Thurs snes to loose in 15 euros, ® games and SMS 10 euros, BD between 3 and 4 euros each… O_o ok but not donc Merci). By searching I still dug up some nice little tricks as shown in picture of this post (there are for 13 euros… ). A flea market is a bit disappointing in its number of “specialists” of the sale used to bite me the node rather than its number of good people trying to rid their homes. Fortunately the medieval village that hosted the flea market was very nice to visit. The best deal I made is not in video games but baby equipment…

PS : I exchange the monkey island trilogy in a game against loose born in Loose, I suggest not much anyway ^ - ^