Underdefeat HD Limited Edition (PS3 & Xbox 360)


If there is indeed a kind that I like, is the Shoot’em up (Shmup or to go faster). In this category, je distinguishes 2 major periods with each one having its headlights editors. Years 90, with Irem, Technosoft, Hudson, Konami, SNK etc.… and years 2000 to today. In this last period, the list of publishers is unfortunately much more limited, especially if one must retain only those that offer us quality titles. Leading, I set for myself, G.Rev and Cave, followed by Konami and Treasure (but mainly for Gradius V and Ikaruga). G.Rev is the origin of a game that I love : Senko no Ronde and not far behind, there Under Defeat.
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Unboxing : BioHazard 15th Anniversary BOX [e-capcom Limited Edition]


Sent the 9, received on 19… we can say that this little coli sent airmail will not be dragged (especially that there was 2 weekend between the two !). I'm not going to spread over the content of this Box 15th Anniversary collector de BioHazard en version e-Capcom since I had already done there few days, but I'll suggest an image gallery and a small video its contents. For those interested, Note that this version is already Collector Sold out long, but you can always fall back on the simple version in import for now because, no Blu-ray version of HD remakes planned outside of Japan (dematerialized only for us Western…).
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