Unboxing : BioHazard 15th Anniversary BOX [e-capcom Limited Edition]

Sent the 9, received on 19… we can say that this little coli sent airmail will not be dragged (especially that there was 2 weekend between the two !). I'm not going to spread over the content of this Box 15th Anniversary collector de BioHazard en version e-Capcom since I had already done there few days, but I'll suggest an image gallery and a small video its contents. For those interested, Note that this version is already Collector Sold out long, but you can always fall back on the simple version in import for now because, no Blu-ray version of HD remakes planned outside of Japan (dematerialized only for us Western…).

EDIT : I spent 2 hours last night on compiles, Code Veronica looks really nice to be redone and, even if limping along for years in terms of modeling, the remake is very clean. By cons BioHazard 4 is truly sublime in this HD version, I almost the feeling of playing a Gears of War on my video proj-… when you think that the game will celebrate 6 years next January and he was released on the previous generation of consoles, this is awesome O_o

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8 thoughts on “Unboxing : BioHazard 15th Anniversary BOX [e-capcom Limited Edition]

  1. Magnificent acquisition, I'm jealous here is done ! I will dream of a package identical in Europe, besides, I do not even understand it does not do. It does on PS3 and Xbox 360 I'm sure it cartonnerai. Me who has only the 360 it would suit me to have this box that sublime games Demat’ that will be sold one day to another on my hard drive… no value added.

    The laws of marketing are impenetrable, In any case, Capcom has a way with his Japanese fans Smile

  2. This is true, in the words of my buddies before, it's a beautiful box.

    I would be more reserved about the fan service Capcom. I see more for myself, un business service : between Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Marvel vs Capcom 3, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Resident Evil and the only playable by Primo (Opus 3DS)… brief. Have fun anyway Wink

  3. Capcom is known for hyper exploit its licenses to the bone, and this is not new, Street Fighter II, II’, II Turbo, Super Street FIghter, Super Street Fighter II X… Yet it was “that” in the years 90 Wink

    By cons I find the idea of ​​HD remakes significant since we all had to HDTV. (you would see the face that are pulling the PS2 or GC, or even on my Wii HD video proj-… it's not a pretty sight from the old CRT).

  4. Haha, this cracking, you did well Smile
    Not by VF games are against their Japanese version (BIO4 is censored and therefore…) but all soundtracks of the series is always in English so it's going well it's OK.

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