Collection Silent Hill & To IG HS 3

The output of the last special issue of GI magazine devoted to horror in video games is an opportunity for me to revisit a series that I really appreciate the kind : Silent Hill. I take this opportunity to introduce you to all the games and guides from my collection. As is now usual to my blog, this presentation is obviously accompanied by numerous photos and videos order to allow you, I hope, to appreciate the different games in their detail.
Speaking of that, I would remind you that you can access different “sheets” Detailed game via the menu “Collection” but also by using the site's search function. I tried to enter it each time a maximum of keywords so that the results of your research is relevant. Finally, you find each new ticket a new boyfriend or girlfriend, to whom I give the last word, for better or for worse (¯ ~ ¯;)

Do not hesitate to use it !

Ma collection Silent Hill (click images to get details).

Silent Hill pour Playstation 1, the beginning of a cult.

Silent Hill Collection, incluant Silent Hill 2, 3 & 4

Silent Hill Complete Set, incluant Silent Hill 1, 2, 3 & 4

Silent Hill Origins, version Playstation 2.

Silent Hill Origins, version PSP.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories, version PSP

Tourism guide of Silent Hill 2, For the record, I found it in a recycling bin ...

The question now arises whether the récents remakes HD pour Playstation 3 worth it ? Especially that they are remakes of the best episodes in my eyes : Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3. If the HD versions are in line with the latest Resident Evil 4 HD, there is a safe bet that yes. The response 29 March, Expected release date Silent Hill HD Collection and Silent Hill : Downpour!

To close this ticket, do not hesitate to get the excellent (and a bit expensive) Special Issue No. 3 IG on horror games to remind you how good it feels to be afraid with a video game.

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9 thoughts on “Collection Silent Hill & To IG HS 3

  1. I know little about the album after the 3. The demo version comes with Metal Gear Solid was a shock. I loved the first, the others less (as often), that scene with the phone … To me, PS1 with Resident Evil, MGS and Silent Hill that was the console that offered me the game adapted to Wishlist, a little more “mature” I 19 years …
    In passing, (1) you did a great job on your site (2), I have an SH2 card for the exchange if you are interested Wink

  2. @ Retroblogueur> thank you for propale, I note, but right now my budget games is concentrated in other things Nerd

    Thank you for breakfast (1), Unfortunately I can not give more visiblity to this work because of the limitations wordpress. By cons it works pretty well for SEO I feel Computer

  3. Like you I'm a fan of the license, at least mainly 3 first episodes (the second well ahead). Memory, at its output, Silent Hill 2 is the only game that I was unable to play / continue at night, to the end I was forced to play day. Something unthinkable for me, when I was weaned by countless horror films and horror.

    Like you I remain attentive to the release and testing of future compilation’ HD and the episode Downpour, even if I got the Silent Hill after the episode 4.

    • Yes, Moreover, for my part, I also struggled with Condemned and Dead Space level flip ^ ^ (I am like you and the films of anxiety I looked at the shovel yet).
      The episode 4 was quite difficult to access I found. But the 2 and the 3 for me, are masterpieces in the genre.

  4. You are right, Dead Space and Condemned are the worthy heirs of Silent Hill level primal fear and anxiety. The episode 4 was not very accessible but had the merit by cons (to risk) radically change the gameplay.

    In any case I expect to see the second film inspired a lot of the third game because I was still able to enjoy the film if uneven Gans.

    • I also found the adaptation of Gans not too bad. It must be said that always starts from a bad foot with the movie adaptation of video game… For comparison we have only see Alone in the Dark… or even Resident Evil (even if they allow themselves to look, while the first I stopped before the end).

  5. Hello,
    Je recherche des jeux silent hill en version coréenne comme celui que vous possédez dans votre collection (Origins). Auriez-vous des sites précis ou des astuces à partager pour pouvoir acheter ces versions particulières de Silent Hill? Par avance merci de votre réponse.

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