Travel in China 2013 - Video game purchases !

A brief overview of my video game purchases made in China last month. Program : NES games, Megadrive and Gameboy, sometimes exclusive and unreleased ! Most are in a box and instructions and have been published by the company Guangzhou Li Cheng Industry & Trade Co (Li City, Guangzhou City Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.) I had already spoken I returned from my trip 2011. It is of course for these non-official products, but very well done. Continue reading

Vide grenier Vol-7 : the hunt is on !

Although sunny days are expected to do even in some of our regions, the season of garage sales left without waiting for the first ray of sunshine. Naturally, I have therefore already made a few and I am rarely returned empty-handed. Sometimes I have found that “small” things, but for now I must say it is a good start for me with the head of the finest discoveries : 2 small LCD and a console NEC ! To see these and the rest, It is in this post as it happens ! Continue reading

#NES – Hong Kong Version

I had already submitted the Nintendo FAMICOM as amended in Hong Kongaise this entry, but the other feature of this very small area south of Canton, is to have also had the right to its own version of the NES, distributed by also Simon & Toys. This article will give a visual presentation (even if the light is not with me today for photos…) This version of the console, as well as’a comparison with our European NES. You will see there are quite a few differences friendly.
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Vide grenier you… Monday ! Vol-5

As of Monday 15 August, I realized at the stroke of 10am at a garage of approximately 200 Exhibitors to 15 minutes from my house. It was during a friendly meeting with a collector's corner who sold a lot of games at great prices, and with whom I exchanged my contacts and cut a flap. I must say that since I left Paris, I do not know many people in my corner of Southwest (“IRL” ? but what you mean ?). It was nice, so much so that I have never spent much a garage sale ! After Twitter, Here are a much better overview of my findings.
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Vide grenier du dimanche Vol-3

This morning there was a garage sale in a village a few miles from my house. Despite the threatening weather and a temperature giving rather want to stay under the duvet (12° this morning brrr), move was worth it. I was a bit scared because it arrived attic was rather small and could be seen far mostly clothes, the storage and collection of stuff “for old”But ... at the corner of an alley, I finally saw a booth, with no one behind, and a NES placed on a corner of the table with some cartridges.
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GB Games & FC Chinese Box !

Before last ticket on my shopping-entertaining video made in China with this time of games in box. You should know that this is something quite rare to have games in box and with instructions found in China and more often only pirate cartridges. I will present here my selection 4 Famicom titles and 3 cartouches GameBoy. In this selection we will find 2 hacks, one is a port of well done Phantasy Star IV sur Famicom (yes, you read ! ) and the other a hack GameBoy Color based on the series called Akumajo Dracula Castlevania DX.
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Chinese Famicom cartridges 小霸王 and x in 1

To explain in detail my retro-gaming purchases made during my last trip to China, I decided to open the ball with a clone Famicom mint and boxed with excellent workmanship with a few cartridges say X in 1 (include several games in an). Before entering it into the thick of it, I want to digress and say that most of the things I'll show you in the coming days are obviously not official (except games Ique), and besides, I'm sure some of you will not hesitate to claim that these objects therefore have no value in terms of collection. I should mention that I'm not entirely agree with this concept because, as a true retrogamer I am also interested in different markets of video games in the world and their history. These versions, While pirates, are an integral part of the history of video games in China (countries where they are still officially banned!) and therefore in my view their place in my collection and my culture videogame. In addition it is very cool objects, exotic, and not very common in our region. Now I close this digression to introduce you to my new famicom.
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The Bible NES / Famicom & The History of Nintendo Vol.3

The wait has been long, very long… too long even, but I finally received my package Bible Nes / Famicom + History of Nintendo Vol.3 ! Fortunately, and as to thank us for our expectation, we won a plastic sleeve for the Bible, identical to those found for NES cartridges : simply as cannon idea! As chance would have it I also received the cartridge Zelda II sent by friend Jack’o’Lantern (I will not forget you!). A cartridge that is timely, if I may say, with the 2 Love works in Pix'n.

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