Travel in China 2013 - Video game purchases !

A brief overview of my video game purchases made in China last month. Program : NES games, Megadrive and Gameboy, sometimes exclusive and unreleased ! Most are in a box and instructions and have been published by the company Guangzhou Li Cheng Industry & Trade Co (Li City, Guangzhou City Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.) I had already spoken I returned from my trip 2011. It is of course for these non-official products, but very well done. Continue reading

#NES – Hong Kong Version

I had already submitted the Nintendo FAMICOM as amended in Hong Kongaise this entry, but the other feature of this very small area south of Canton, is to have also had the right to its own version of the NES, distributed by also Simon & Toys. This article will give a visual presentation (even if the light is not with me today for photos…) This version of the console, as well as’a comparison with our European NES. You will see there are quite a few differences friendly.
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