Travel in China 2013 - Video game purchases !

A brief overview of my video game purchases made in China last month. Program : NES games, Megadrive and Gameboy, sometimes exclusive and unreleased ! Most are in a box and instructions and have been published by the company Guangzhou Li Cheng Industry & Trade Co (Li City, Guangzhou City Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.) I had already spoken I returned from my trip 2011. It is of course for these non-official products, but very well done.

Start with products “official”, here is 2 excellent NES cartridges in versions for less exotic. You're not dreaming, the Bubble Bobble, although in poor condition, is in Korean Version ! This is a find for less inatendu in the Middle Kingdom.

Followed these games Megadrive Asia Version, except for Sailor Moon which is Japanese version. All in like-new condition. For those not too familiar with the Megadrive rates, know that the Beat'em All Sailor Moon is trading today for a tidy sum (from 60 sometimes to € 90). So I jumped when I saw it as you might expect, it was not at all these prices !

A final word on any of the games below, notice the Sonic The Hedgehog ? It is a version of ASIA still completely unknown hitherto by most connoisseurs and still unrecorded in most databases (GameFaqs, Guardiana etc.…).

Always the Megadrive with these games box and instructions published by the company Li-Cheng I mentioned a little earlier.
Here is an excerpt of this article :

Cantonese society Winsen also known as Guangzhou Li Cheng Industry & Trade Co (Li City, Guangzhou City Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.), Xing Xing Technology (Stars in Technology) ou Guangzhou Tianhe Yongsheng Co (Guangzhou Tianhe Yongsheng Limited). The company, you find the logo in illustration of this post, has assigned the right to produce and distribute games Megadrive, Gameboy Color and clones consoles. The quality of their product into the top of the basket of what I've seen in the field of games produced for the domestic market with boxes thick, with illustrations taking the road (box and cartridge), shimmering holographic, records in color, a plastic tray in games like Super Famicom cartridges and plastic with a good bill in Japanese. As you can see from the video Bare Knuckles slightly lower, all games "Winsen" are translated into Chinese, and propose some changes including graphics at the Sega logo (here replaced by that of Winsen) and screen titles.

Si je n'en avais trouvé que 3 during my first trip, this time around I found a few dozen, with notemment 3 exclusive games developed in Taiwan which I intend to return in a future post. All these games “start booting” a logo Winsen (how Sega), tracks have screens different from the original (even games in Taiwan!) and are fully translated into Simplified Chinese.

3 Beat'em All développés dans les années 90 à Taiwan, sans license SEGA. De gauche à droite : Yang Warrior Family, Shuǐ Hu Feng Yun Zhuan, Warrior of Fate / Tenchi O Kurau.

3 Beat'em All developed in the years 90 à Taiwan, wireless license Sega. From left to right : Yang Warrior Family, Hu Feng Yun Zhuan Shuǐ, Warrior of Fate / Tenchi O Kurau.


Bare Knuckles / Streets of Rage 1,2 & 3.

Bare Knuckles / Streets of Rage 1,2 & 3.


Example graphical modifications by Li-Cheng / Winsen :

Fushigi no Umi no Nadia, The Revenge of Shinobi, The Super Shinobi II.

Fushigi no Umi no Nadia, The Revenge of Shinobi, The Super Shinobi II.


Gunstar Heroes, Contra: The Hard Corps.

Gunstar Heroes, Against: The Hard Corps.


Un pad Li-Cheng qui m'a été offert pour l'achat des jeux.

A pad-Cheng Li was offered to purchase games.

But the company Li-Cheng is not only limited to the edition of Megadrive games. It also publishes, and an equally good (for Pirate), games Game Boy et Game Boy Color, dont certains sont des créations originales !

Les 3 jeux au centre sont des créations inédites. En haut, il s'agit d'un portage très bien réalisé de Metal Slug, quand aux 2 titres en bas, il s'agit de jeux Megaman inédits eux aussi.

The 3 games in the center are new creations. Top, it is a very well done port of Metal Slug, when the 2 shares down, it is also unreleased games Megaman.

Quand au deux autres jeux en haut à gauche il s'agit de Bio Hazard III (un hack du Gaiden) et en haut à droite de l'excellent Shantae.

When the other two games in the top left there is Capcom III (a hack Gaiden) and at the top right of the excellent Shantae.

Here, a lot of games in the bag so (I still had to leave behind me that I would recover later…). For unreleased Genesis and Game Boy, I also prepare you the most complete records for future posts !
I leave you with a taste for a quickplay video made by me of Metal Slug unreleased Game Boy Color shown above.

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7 thoughts on “Travel in China 2013 - Video game purchases !

  1. Il est incroyable ce portage de Metal Slug ! Un excellent article, still exotic your blog Razz I love the boxes of Winsen, but with the pad that was offered to you, elsewhere, This is a nice lot of pieces that I imagine found in home, brave !

  2. Hello !
    I discovered your blog and wanted to know where exactly did you find all these games?
    I myself went to China this year (Beijing et Shanghai) but I saw no video games !!

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