Vide grenier Vol-7 : the hunt is on !

Although sunny days are expected to do even in some of our regions, the season of garage sales left without waiting for the first ray of sunshine. Naturally, I have therefore already made a few and I am rarely returned empty-handed. Sometimes I have found that “small” things, but for now I must say it is a good start for me with the head of the finest discoveries : 2 small LCD and a console NEC ! To see these and the rest, It is in this post as it happens ! Continue reading

I tested the Retr0bright !

Who has not in his collection at least one cartridge or console, a joystick or keyboard, affected by syndrome yellowing plastic ? I think everyone sees what I mean and I must say that it sometimes reaches incredible proportions, particularly with equipment brand Nintendo. The reasons for this are not very clear : A cigarette smoke ? Heat ? Humidity ? Temperature variation ? Some say it comes from the composition of flame retardant plastic that react to heat… Forget the methods charlatants (toothpaste etc.…), because after several years of research, small chemists have finally developed a mixture to get it all : le Retr0bright ! (with a “zero” and not “the”).
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Vide grenier du dimanche Vol-6

This morning wakeup 7h30 for a small flea market in a small village lost in the mountains 10 minutes from my house. With only 100 exhibitors announced, I had relatively little hope at the outset to find something. However, there was a booth with a guy who was selling games Famicom (de merde) with a mobile Famiclone, an Nes, a Vectrex with games, 2 DMG, Dingoo and a lot of DBZ figures, but when I asked a few prices, everything was “collector” and so hyper expensive. So I spent my way, especially since the M. was more than uncomfortable (the spears a m'a “how it is expensive ?” limit myself withdrawing products from the hands…). A good start which is nice in the morning… I confess that apart from some Mickey Parade and a manual Beaver Junior, I thought I would find anything else. But but but…
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Chinese Famicom cartridges 小霸王 and x in 1

To explain in detail my retro-gaming purchases made during my last trip to China, I decided to open the ball with a clone Famicom mint and boxed with excellent workmanship with a few cartridges say X in 1 (include several games in an). Before entering it into the thick of it, I want to digress and say that most of the things I'll show you in the coming days are obviously not official (except games Ique), and besides, I'm sure some of you will not hesitate to claim that these objects therefore have no value in terms of collection. I should mention that I'm not entirely agree with this concept because, as a true retrogamer I am also interested in different markets of video games in the world and their history. These versions, While pirates, are an integral part of the history of video games in China (countries where they are still officially banned!) and therefore in my view their place in my collection and my culture videogame. In addition it is very cool objects, exotic, and not very common in our region. Now I close this digression to introduce you to my new famicom.
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