My readings of the summer

That's it I finally found some time to finalize a ticket that is in my drafts for over a month… I will present my reading of the summer with a selection of ten works very eclectic as this area of ​​the authors Japanese, French and U.S., for sizes ranging from manga, the pavement through the mook or the great western comic color, with soft covers, other cardboard… It must not vary the pleasure ? All en piste !
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Fringale the BD

For my part, a small tower Fnac or a cultural center Leclerc is often synonymous with cracking… Saturday and the inevitable happened. This time I had a real craving for comics, it was long ago that I had not arrived ! Eat

What is good with BD is that with the weather at the moment they allow me to de-taping a little screen and relax while taking the air… I do not know you at, but in my, it feels like summer already ! Go, let's go for a little tour of BD eclectic !

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