Made in Korea Vol-5

New arrivals come straight from South Korea, countries of retro-gaming exotic that I particularly enjoy. Attention, This post contains the large, of heavy, for Super Comboy (Super Nintendo) and Super Gam*Boy (Megadrive). Some have already had a glimpse through mon Twitter, but as I usually, I will present here with this shipment a maximum of detailed pictures history of your vibrating chord of retro-gamer .

This article follows :
Folder on the Megadrive Mega corean, Super Gam * Boy
Made in Korea Vol-1 / Made in Korea Vol-2 / Made in Korea Vol-3 / Made in Korea Vol-4


It's not pretty perhaps ? ^-^

I said so, This mainly concerns the arrival Both consoles 16bit The most popular are the Megadrive and Super Nintendo. I will start by introducing Super Mario RPG, an excellent RPG for Nintendo, Squaresoft made by fire in the prime of life. Note that this game is very easily and for very little money in its Japanese version and that conversely it is already much more expensive in the U.S. version (especially if complete and MINT). Easily count 100$ for the latter, it is not so much that it is rare, but above all that the game is excellent and MINT the combination + RPG + Nintendo usually pays dear default. But there are many very rare version of this game, especially if it is to find complete and mint-quasie… This is the edited version by Hyundai South Korea. This version has the distinction of offering the Thurs entirely in English in a packaging, that although Korean, is modeled on the Japanese version. A genuine collector's item that I am glad to have found and that comes directly from a Korean collector (and why I left some feathers…). The small + ? I've never done this game and I'll even be able to play !In Love

Super Mario RPG – Super Mario RPG

Second subject received very nice of Korea, a Samsung officielle handcuffs for Super Aladdin Boy (Megadrive), wireless, à infra-rouge, and with its new leaflet and box (who lived admittedly somewhat, but this ! ). These shifters are already official extremely difficult to find among us SEGA as they read and often trade above 50€ in loose…(have a look on ebay & co) idem aux USA. This will tell you how lucky I was to find one not only in box, but also in a rare version of Samsung ! In addition to a good find, I can tell you that I made a bargain that will stick with this a little more add to my collection Super Gam*Boy.


Pad wireless infrared, complete, for Megadrive, in its South Korean version of Samsung.


Then, two good shoot for Megadrive, by one Toaplan and the other by Technosoft (two excellent Japanese boxes which unfortunately no longer exist). I will first tell you about Tatsujin (also called Truxton in our latitudes) which, as you will notice, here is Loose. From what I understand is a collector and I was subsequently confirmed, This cartridge has never been sold in box Korea. She had apparently been offered by any such shops, for the purchase of the console. It is also the first game to be released over there on the Megadrive, as indicated by its serial number GM-4001 JG (au Japon G-4001 correspond à Altered Beast/Juuouki) and has the same notation “Super gemboyi” (Super Gam*Boy) on my first console model, first variation. Tatsujin/Truxton is a nice vertical shot brought the arcade, although it has still aged less well the next game Technosoft that I will present.

Tatsujin – Tasujin

I find the artwork of the cartridge really beautiful.

And now a monument of Shoot'em Up… which only its direct sequel entitled to steal his place on the podium of the best Shooter of all time (shame on you if you do not know, there I can not do anything for you ^ ^), a nervous and hyper shot well done for its time, both graphically and musically… Thunder Force III ! Hard for me not to tell you that having dug up in this version makes me stomp on site ! I have a preference for Thunder Force IV I would also like to find one day but look like that bust it a Thunder Force III in Korean version :

Thunder Force III – Thunder Force 3

Of course I already had this masterpiece in its Japanese version, I can therefore offer you a little comparison with the latter version.

In conclusion of this post, Here is an overview of my current collection of games and consoles 16Bit Made in Korea

The mega photo end (s HD) with my other Korean games.
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10 thoughts on “Made in Korea Vol-5

  1. The funny Mario RPG. Not only the game is in English, but in addition the label on the cartridge that is also used in the USA. It looks a bit like what was Tectoy which borrowed some elements in the Japanese market and other North American market.

  2. It is not impossible, although I have a doubt concerning the zoning of the cartridge. I know on Sega CD, Japanese spend on games consoles Korean. I can not remember the area of ​​Korean games on cartridge.

  3. I had the opportunity to test wireless controllers for pseudo Megadrive (the H&B). It's totally rotten, if we start not with 10cm sensor lever is not recognized, bad experience for me. After I do not know if this is exactly the same with those below. Smile

    The lovely Mario RPG, I confess I have not done either but it intrigues me. Same for the Sonic and the brotherhood of darkness, which is a slightly more recent example of an RPG for a license that does not lend itself at all !

  4. @ Youloute> Generally in South Korea consoles and games are encoded in NTSC-J but to be more precise, from what I saw, for Megadrive :
    – NTSC-J console
    – NTSC-J games (for example it is Bare Knuckles and that appears not Streets of Rage, Tatsujin Truxton or not etc.…) EXCEPT some games to texts (RPG) where some games not released in Japan including PCBs / Roma are U.S. (former : Tiny Toon, Phantasy Star 2 & 3) -> As if by chance there for those, that Roma are not changing content depending on region of the console and are dézonees NTSC-U <> NTSC-JP.
    – Few exceptions translated as PS4, Sun, Light Crusader Thor or who are in NTSC-J.
    It's a bit of a mess if we look carefully but usually brief so it's NTSC-J

    For the SNES is different, I think that apart from the cosmetic appearance U.S. and JAP consoles are the same and the games are compatible with one console to another. Japanese games as well go directly to a U.S. console without an adapter and the reverse also (apart from the physical restrictions related to the shape of the cartridge). But I did not check for U.S. console.

    @ DilanNoKaze> careful they are not vulgar controllers re-published on or before the cheapo by H&B but many levers of official time and, manufactured by Sega in Japan -> the top.
    Mario RPG to remember that this is Squaresoft who is responsible for the game… After I find that the world of mario is much richer than so why not Sonic RPG Smile

  5. You got to spend time to take all these photos. Anyway great work, I find it nice to find versions coréenes especially as games are not all the same size of box (for the Super Comboy). I never played Mario RPG but it seems to be excellent and in addition you can play in English. Good game and your next discovery Wink

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