China – paradise poor retrogamer…
…mais pas that !

Today it is commonplace to find reproductions or pirated cartridges on eBay and other online shops. Sometimes these versions are very useful when the originals have become very expensive and not found (otherwise it is the solution of the Everdrive). I think for example some Megadrive titles like Twinkle Tale or Eliminate Down. However, in this jungle “Bootlegs” il faut distinguer more categories. The first classification can be compared to the quality of manufacture (Plastics, PCB), the second with respect to the appearance (box, notice…) and finally he must dissociate the original games without a license and Hacks (often come from Taiwan, see this entry).
Today I will introduce you Bootlegs Game Boy and Game Boy Color particularly well, some are positively surprising hacks.
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T-Shirts Panda-Box

Here's a ticket that will definitely please you much. Anyway when I came across these t-shirts and this cushion cover, My heart missed a beat before I start to stack without counting. Deflection of Doraemon based hero cartoons or video games ? This is an original idea that I was hooked ! A 40 Yuan a piece as you say the only thing I reasoned in the end it was to think the weight of my luggage and instead I had left… otherwise I will have taken many more. Besides, I'll show you other designs in this post (an extract) and you will understand why I was like a madman…
Quand au T-shirt Shin Chan, he made me laugh so I went with also.
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