Arrivage Mushihimesama HD Xbox 360

Shoot Cave collection grew with the arrival of my brand new Mushihimesama HD. After an excellent Futari, Cave offers us an HD remake of the first released in Mushihimesama 2004 in Arcade et 2005 PS2. Casually, between XBLA and Cave games in Japan, Xbox 360 begins to be hyper and is well supplied with gold and already become one of the consoles must for any fans of pellets. Geez, I found a second console Asia not too expensive to put in my Egret 2 ! Continue reading

Megadrive : Uzu Keobukseon

Uzu Keobukseon (Space Turtle Ship), also called Space Turtle Ship, is a vertical shooter 8 courses developed in 1992 by Samsung on Megadrive. Heavily influenced by shoot Toaplan, the game was officially and exclusively marketed in South Korea, making it one of the rare pieces sought by collectors of all the big games Megadrive worldwide. I offer a brief introduction of the latter and a video presentation of my copy. Continue reading

Underdefeat HD Limited Edition (PS3 & Xbox 360)

If there is indeed a kind that I like, is the Shoot’em up (Shmup or to go faster). In this category, je distinguishes 2 major periods with each one having its headlights editors. Years 90, with Irem, Technosoft, Hudson, Konami, SNK etc.… and years 2000 to today. In this last period, the list of publishers is unfortunately much more limited, especially if one must retain only those that offer us quality titles. Leading, I set for myself, G.Rev and Cave, followed by Konami and Treasure (but mainly for Gradius V and Ikaruga). G.Rev is the origin of a game that I love : Senko no Ronde and not far behind, there Under Defeat.
Continue reading