Akira – Famicom

Ahhh this is a consignment I like : a retro game with a beautiful packaging, buy cheap (less than 10 €!) and above all completely at random ! I told you before that I would eventually fall for Famicom games… if you remember… here… with the adapter “Gyromite”.

Good, I must say that I am a big fan of master Otomo and that’Akira (Akira) is one of the works that impressed me most as its subject matter, his world and his music as it evokes nostalgia (early Japanim “official” en france). I remember one night my dad had brought the videotape of the film by surprise… one of the most beautiful day of my life the day he brought me the cassette Ghostbusters and Christmas where I got my Megadrive, evidence I will still talk about Nerd

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