Garage sale Sunday Vol-1

This weekend was the peak in terms of yard sales in my city with no less than 4 flea markets in everything. And for once I was in the area when this took place, I obviously woke up this Sunday morning to go to one of them at around 8am.

Is not at all in the trip ratisseur which collects anything that resembles loan or far cartridge or a game, I stayed reasonable, sometimes passing on things that interest me less but I could have “to resell” behind or “to cram in my collection, just because it is cheap”. I have neither the time, nor the place for that, and besides I did one flea on four (the largest) and above all I enjoyed the ride ended at home with fresh croissants. Glimpse of my findings:

5€ Nes games with Super Mario Bros 2, Punchout and SALAMENDER (not bad for these titles here), 15€ of Comics simpsons (50 comics!), 3€ of Gameboy Color and finally 1 € toy Racking Ninjas nine (when the salesman told me wanting to € 1, I took it just for delirium). Brief, plus a good ride, I got much pleasure for less 25 euros. There is something to read, play, and even showcase Nerd

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8 thoughts on “Garage sale Sunday Vol-1

  1. You did good business. For my part there was a big flea market yesterday in my town, it had been years that I wanted to go antiquing and this time I gave myself time to get there early. I planned 30 small euro currency, but after scouring every exhibitor booths bin I found nothing interesting (and then I had). I saw a stroller just glad I dug one Superscope canned before me, but otherwise it was not great and when there was some old games were exaggerated prices (NES game genre not uncommon to loose 5 EUR / piece). Snif! Cry

  2. I do not know if you knew the Simpsons comics before but it worth, I'm a big fan of comics Smile

    Make a flea market and buy for pleasure and not for resale this is the best Wink Too many people finance their collection on the back of other collectors today.

    • Yes I know, I bought the first issues to exit and then I also bought a few albums connected. But when I saw a collection I even haggled with the seller when he asked me for € 15, I took everything live -> I bowl, only 3 duplicates the final!

  3. I too was Sunday flea market, with my daughter 2 years 1/2. The final, a shopping cart and Strawberry Charlotte 3 Disney books (Merlin, Cinderella, Aristocats) for 3,10 cts and a good time spent with my maggot.
    As I understand, seen blogs where guys buy all that passes ! And where the interest of the chopper PSOne Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 64 (in loose), when it has already ! The trick is to hunt tracking down the rare coin, that we lack one who deserves that one takes care of her ! I recently found a Saturn that I'm glad restore … to provide.
    I can not stand this buying spree (pseudo)retro because it is “la mode”. Or the need to leave some room for those who have not yet !
    On your findings, Special mentions for NES games (become untraceable home) and the comics. For my part, I am looking for magazines such as or Player One Consoles, RAS but for the moment !

    • View shared. The aim of our passion is not to do business but to take pleasure in completing a collection is still under construction. And this is the salt of retrogaming : fall on the missing pearl without having to sell a kidney to buy it.

      When I see the same people running in the morning on the street markets to rake off, I'm sorry. But unfortunately, it's part of the game : he
      and to the demande, there will always be those nicknames collectors. Thinking

      • Generally, I think everyone does what he wants, if there are enough haters to get up every Sunday morning at 5am to go find a NES Action Set in box, good for them. If the goal is to cram, some time to rebuild a set as clean as possible, I also understand.
        And some cases are so good to take it to quickly rope in leaves in a system of compulsive shopping or surpasses the pleasure of buying interest in the objects in question.

        By cons regarding stupidly piling to create a scarcity effect or for the purpose of reselling behind just to get a few euros from carrot people on the forums (it is not for nothing that I took the example of NES action set…, hello atmosphere… ), it is not worth the effort on my level… Not only it shows a profound lack of interest in a video game in favor of a more volume but I think it is clearly not a profitable business : there are better things to do to save money not? but I think it is a minority of people, then often professional or whose sole purpose is to round the end of the month.

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