Uzu Keobukseon (KR)

Uzu Keobukseon (Space Turtle Ship), also called Space Turtle Ship, is a vertical shooter 8 courses developed in 1992 by Samsung on Megadrive. Heavily influenced by shoot Toaplan, the game was officially and exclusively marketed in South Korea, making it one of the rare pieces sought by collectors of all the big games Megadrive worldwide.
A little culture does not hurt : le Turtle Boat ou “Keobukseon” is a warship used between the 15 and the 19th century in Korea. Pride of the country and mainly used in war against Japan (See the very interesting article on Battle of Hansan in 1592), the turtle ship in the bow-shaped dragon has an enclosed deck with a roof full of iron spikes to protect themselves from arrows… well basically it is the naval version of the tortoise and muscular Roman that we find in our Asterix comics.

In this vertical Shmup, So you run a turtle ship flying through 8 stages. The interface and general design are reminiscent of the excellent Tatsujin Toaplan that developers have certainly inspired and although all is not particularly attractive at first glance, things are improving at levels son. The gameplay is quite nice : collected at each new weapon, your ship becomes more resistant, it even changes in appearance, conversely every time you get hit, you lose the weapon you were using to get back to that before. Boss of Completion, Power-ups and large bombs that release are all part of the. The difficulty is progressive : more it is played more one goes. Brief, without reaching the heights of originality and beauty of this game will play smoothly and leaves deserves try if you like Shooter like me. His two biggest downside for me is the music, that without being ugly are not always very inspired, vessel size and a bit clumsy. But good, let's be honest, the interest of Uzu Keobukseon lies primarily in the fact that it is exclusive South Korean developed directly by the firm Samsung in the heyday and this makes it a popular collector's item and very difficult to find.

Titre original : Space Turtle Ship
Title (other) : Keo-Buk-Sun, Space Turtle Battleship
Console : Megadrive / Genesis / Super gemboyi
Ref# : GM 4054 KS
Developer : Samsung 삼성 전자
Publisher : Samsung 삼성 전자
Distributor : Samsung 삼성 전자
Release Date : 1992
Number of Players : 1
Kind(s) : Shoot Them Up

Extra(s) :

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