Collection Silent Hill & To IG HS 3

The output of the last special issue of GI magazine devoted to horror in video games is an opportunity for me to revisit a series that I really appreciate the kind : Silent Hill. I take this opportunity to introduce you to all the games and guides from my collection. As is now usual to my blog, this presentation is obviously accompanied by numerous photos and videos order to allow you, I hope, to appreciate the different games in their detail. Continue reading

Playstation3 : Ico / Shadow of the Colossus Limited Box + Collection

Here is the final piece to be added in my “small” specific collection of masterpieces Fumito Ueda that are ICO and Wanda to Kyozō. In this post I'll quickly show you this limited edition Japanese remastered versions in HD 3D pour Playstation 3 (I say quickly because like Bababaloo or fr4nz, I want to keep mine nine…). But I'll introduce you especially my entire collection ICO – Shadow of the Colossus through ma chaine youtube ! When this box, towards the shelf with GOW3, for when I have time to play… in 2012…
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Made in Korea Vol-5

New arrivals come straight from South Korea, countries of retro-gaming exotic that I particularly enjoy. Attention, This post contains the large, of heavy, for Super Comboy (Super Nintendo) and Super Gam*Boy (Megadrive). Some have already had a glimpse through mon Twitter, but as I usually, I will present here with this shipment a maximum of detailed pictures history of your vibrating chord of retro-gamer .
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Samsung Mega Drive : Super Gam*Boy !

Last Update: September 5th 2013

It’s been quite a while now that I have had some deep interest for the South Korean video game market. It first started a few years back when I moved to Hong Kong for a job at a videogames online retailing company. I started getting a few Playstation 2 and Gamecube Korean games because these were offering Japanese artworks with English ingame texts. That was until I found out about a retro-gaming market in South Korea. As a collector of Japanese games I found it very interesting to see that Korea had an alternative market of its own. And as a true Megadrive Fan I just went crazy when I found out about all the Sega games and systems sold in Korea under the Samsung license. I’ve already introduced the Hyundai Super Comboy aka Super Nintendo with my small collection of games to my French readers here and here and now the time has come to introduce you to the Samsung Super Gam*Boy!

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Samsung Megadrive : Super Gam*Boy !

-Updated : 5 September 2013-

It's been a while since I was very interested in the video game market South Korean. It all started a few years ago when I moved to Hong Kong for a job with a large sign of the online sales of video games. I remember I bought some Korean games on Playstation 2, then on Game Cube because they offered the advantage of having a beautiful packaging, similar to the Japanese versions, but with a game while English. All was well until one day I discovered the existence of a retro-gaming market South Korean. As a collector of Japanese games primarily, I found particularly interesting the fact that South Korea has had a market exists for itself and do not party at all “Asia”. Of course, as a fan of the first hour of the Sega Megadrive, I was speechless when I saw the first photos of consoles and games Sega Koreans distributed by Samsung. I had already presented the Super Comboy Hyundai here and is and my small collection of games for this console, it's time for me now present to you the wonderful Super Gam * Boy from Samsung !
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Akai Katana Shin Limited Edition

Arrival this morning of the last shot of Cave Xbox 360, Akai Katana Shin, in his edition “limited”. This limited edition comes in a sleeve with exclusive artwork and containing the host of the game and the game, also with an exclusive illustration.
I waited impatiently for this Shoot'em Up Horizontal 2D cellar because its design is simply cannon (rather reminiscent Progear no Arashi published by Capcom) and it is a whole new license from the publisher. Continue reading


While my limited edition’Akai Katana xbox 360 has just been sent, Here are a late arrival from at Play-asia. I realize that it really makes a lease that I had not received any new import from Japan. I must say that I'm in a big time retro-gaming at the moment…

It contains small airmail games Dragon Ball Z Kai Ultimate Butôden Nintendo DS and Mamoru-Kun in its Playstation 3. The absence of this parcel is Otomedius Excellent Konami recently released, I must say I am still taking it feels…

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Megadrive : Mega Turrican

Small purchase “fingers crossed” on ebay with this Mega Turrican s version of Genesis native 60Hz! I say fingers crossed because I took the risk to buy it at a particular U.S., no pros, and without photo which originally did not send abroad…
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