Travel in China 2013 – Beijing


After most 2 weeks China, I'm back in France. I'll introduce in the next few days a series of Notes (3 have total) recounting a little my last tour in the Middle Kingdom. Beijing first, I already knew that I had already visited quite 2011 (see here and is), then Inner Mongolia, a little-known land of the Western (The Backpacker in anything above or Lonely Planet for example). And the last ticket will be reserved shopping done on site connection with this blog (I'll spare you the clothes for babies, les shoes etc). Continue reading

Beijing : first visits


Here is a small report of my picture 3 days on Beijing. Program, the Tienanmen place, les Hutongs (old traditional neighborhood), very impressive (by their size) Summer Palace and Forbidden City, and finally the Palace of Heaven and restaurant Yunnan frankly too typical for my taste. All this in a dry heat and stifling (between 33 and 35 degrees in the shade) I can tell you that the visits were grueling. However I took eyeful!
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