Hacks et X into 1 Megadrive

Today I will present some of the cartridges that I brought back from China for Megadrive. I've shown you some Famicom for a few days ago but know that these cartridges are also available for 16bit Sega. I dug up two 4 in 1 and a 8 in 1 (it is really excellent). But be aware that in China (and Russia, but we shall see in a future post), there is another phenomenon : that of Rom-Hack. The Rom-Hack is, at the base, to rip sprites and sets a variety of games to create new from a motor home. Often you end up with games not really terrible, but some still deserves to stand out. I will present four right here, for better or for worse…

Cartridges in X 1

Les Hacks

Sonic 6 or Sonic Jam 6…

There normally is you're laughing or you're thinking “but what the fuck is that ?”, good, we will try to get a clearer picture by addressing these cartridges one by one.

Sonic 6 or Sonic Jam 6
This is a Hack, rather successful, Super Mario Bros. in which player is Sonic the Hedgehog. Frankly I like it!

Super Mario Bros ou Super World Bros
Attention then there, we have a high fly Hack (it is ironic of course), Mario Bros. on Megadrive that plays like Tic&Tac on Nes… actually it is not really so ugly, it's just moderately playable, we can not even jump on enemies and areas “hit” are poorly managed super. An oddity for collection no more.

Dragon Ball Z Final Bout
Nothing to do with the way opus frankly Final Bout for PlayStation, this is not a hack of Super Dragon Ball Z Butouden 2 and 3 sur Super Famicom. The set is rather nice, it moves well (it's a little fluid which loan) by cons as in many other Hack, the handling is simply ch… A fall into the category of weirdness for DBZ Fan therefore.

Aladdin 2
The best of the four cartridges in this Hack ticket, it is actually a port of Capcom's Aladdin on Super Nes. This hack is in the top of the basket, it has a comprehensive introduction, it is playable and very well done as this video suggests :

To go further, I suggest you go visit the following pages :
This article in French on grospixels.com
(take care, contrary to what’ says the author, the hack is not reserved to HK, it may be Russian, Chinese or Taiwanese… ).

That's all for today, we find ourselves very quickly in a future post where I would present both the Famicom and Gameboy Boxed (whose 2 Hack surprising new).

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