X in 1 Pc-Engine

Did you know ? The PC-Engine NEC was also hijacked in his time. Though far less popular than its sister 8 or 16bit and a lot less well distributed outside Japan (France, UK and U.S. being the exceptions), it is rather surprising that the most cute of all consoles have also retained the attention of Asian bootlegers. She not only had its own copier to run games on diskette, as was done by its competitors, but she was also entitled to its Hu-Cards X in 1 pirates.

Certainly much less rare and above less expensive and less prestigious that the Hu-cards “Not For Sale” visible in the friend Neocalimero, These cartridges are not less difficult to find. I managed to dig up 2 à Hong Kong, including a “PC-GAME”, Boxed (other fact “rare”), and although aware of their existence has long, those are the first that I see.

A Hu-Card 2 in 1 with 2 good games, Boxed !

The Hu-Card 2 in 1 PC-GAME is very large (much like that of Street Fighter 2′ on the same console) and contains Rainbow Island and PC-Kid 2. The second map, a 4 in 1 PC-CARD (What we have fun with the names says so…) is normally made by cons and offers Shubibinman (a platform game not too bad, although I rather recommend the 3 CD) , Bomberman 1, Alien Crush (NAXAT Soft Heart) and R-Type. Casting a not too disgusting for both Hu-cards of Tipiak Nerd


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3 thoughts on “X in 1 Pc-Engine

  1. The tipiaks were everywhere Razz
    It does not surprise me too. Against by the console was released in France so confidentially, this stuff did not arrive. NES, there are tons of other hand Kissed

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