CD·ROM ² NEC : 2 unreleased + 1 repro

Here's something to do while waiting wisely PC-Engine Bible Collector Pix'n in love scheduled for the end of next month. It is a bit of a shipment that contains particular 3 PC-Engine games in CD format·ROM ² and Super CD·ROM² “unofficial” : Space Fantasy Zone, Rockman and Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire. Unofficial because the first is a title “unreleased” and was canceled just before its release, porting the second Famicom and the last as a reproduction of a very (too) expensive.

In normal temps, I'm not a big fan of reproductions, but these three titles are exceptions because they fall into one of the following categories :

– Portage came from another system : interest for the technical challenge, new gameplay (portable <-> living as GG Shinobi).

– Become too expensive for the average player, hard to find.

– Translated titles (former : these games MD), unreleased or beta phase that would otherwise be lost or remain unplayable.

– For games on CD : Pressed CD, not burned (important for the preservation of the medium and laser lens of our consoles).

Space Fantasy Zone

Space Fantasy Zone, a mix between Space Harrier and… Fantasy Zone, of course !
This title created by Nec Avenue in fact many appearances in Japanese magazines of the time but is ultimately never released, apparently for reasons of license (Sega would have vetoed the concept).
At the end of year 90, “someone” to put their hands on a Beta and distributed. A first series of reproductions of low quality has emerged in the wake (burned to CD-R, audio problems…) some of which are sold up 60.000Y on YJA ! (each his own…). This new repro rule is now perfect because all the problems mentioned above and is provided with a spin, a notice, a poster and a reg card. Quand au CD, it is a pressed CD and screened and not a vulgar CD-R. Quality overall finish is really excellent.

Rockman / Megaman

Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar, merit of this port to ECP Nes returns to the blog author who also works on other ports (Castlevania, Super Mario Bros, Ducktales 2 etc.…). His work is impressive and discovers that our little processor PC-Engine is backwards compatible with that of the NES !

However, the author of the repro really neat to work by creating a jacket here and post the most beautiful effect.

Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire

Those like me who have recently heard about the case in Japan Metal Slug AES, be customary fact that’it is now almost impossible to buy a Sapphire original Internet because of too many reproductions sold at a high price (and because of ignorance or lack of scruples of certain sellers).

Can not find it less than 300 € and impossible to ascertain whether an original… The only way to get it is to have a certified original hands before going to buy another shop directly comparing. In short it is very complicated, risky and expensive and that is why I succumbed to the reproduction to be able to play with my Duo and finally heat the damn Arcade Card still sealed !

I am aware that approach is ambiguous, Moreover, it is some debate on forums, because by purchasing this reproduction I participate indirectly general chaos that surrounds this game. But to be honest, I'm a player and foremost to € 300 in original, risk pay full price reproduction, or simply the PSP version is unthinkable in my eyes ! Where the purchase of this version “Robin Hood“.

Anyway ...

As you can see, the overall quality of the reproductions is very good, pushing up retail blister reproduce, spin, reg card, notice, silkscreen poster and CD. The work is quality, but the price is a bit high for the reproduction on CD (count between 35 and 40in / game). However, the author of these repros provided for each of them an additional disk in order to keep its loose copies blister or simply to share the games with his friends. Attention rather nice.

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8 thoughts on “CD·ROM ² NEC : 2 unreleased + 1 repro

  1. Another very interesting article ! Space Fantasy Zone gives good mind actually, quant à Sapphire …

    Your approach is commendable but considering the quality of the reproduction in question and those apparently circulating, easy to fool the Boeotian.

    I am also kind of prefer a 100x play on original hardware emulation rather than a PC or other media and, regardless of the media is an original or not. As the rendering is the same, I do not see any disadvantage (especially financially) and then we are talking about CD, cartridge case is particularly. All, this is not to steal one who will redeem the title later !

    Acquire as nice repro “at great prices” to play our oldies, this is quite interesting. In this, I'm interested in more info on your purchases (supplier and price) Wink

    Finally, example, j'ai GRAVES (I know this is wrong …) titles for my Dreamcast, Neo Geo CD or ma ma Encore Duo. Known damage lenses (you make reference to) that I was still allowed (moderately) launch untraceable securities and / or unaffordable and finally, all can try at least once.

    Learn that repro “pressed” allow me to play safer and much cheaper, is good news. (Not seen repro Radiant Silvergun at random …)

    Scanlines16 is a mine of information “alternatives” on retro, thank you to you !

    • And yes the subject of repros is a topic that is often debated among purists. For my part I will confine only for the reasons given in my post. I also burned a few games at home (snatcher kind of Mega-CD and its sequel Policenauts translated into English on PS1) , but I avoid because it uses lenses (writing is more or less good depending on the quality of media, but also the drive and CD-R perish with time… nothing beats a pressing pro).

      The repros are there :
      Do not hesitate to bargain with him, Prices are displayed 49euros by repro, but if you take it lowers its tariffs more easily Wink
      I had to 120euros for fdpin 3 repros but I've seen people who had paid at least sometimes (afterwards).

      Thank you for the compliment on the blog, I try to bring something different to the world of blogs retrogaming, even if I do not have much time.

  2. then I knew not that great they existed repros games like this
    I hasten to send an email to sapphire for him to order one at this price and this quality is top c for my collection Grin

    thank you again Smile

    and thank you retroblogger m have discovered your blog
    good luck Smile

  3. Sapphire is the original findable if we take precautions ^ ^ :

    Personally, I cracked the bootleg and Nightmare Busters SFC.

    As for the Space Fantasy Zone, it always makes me smile, seen regularly in Japanese shops at a price abused Razz

    Sapphire is a good compromise to not touch the original and the Space Fantasy Zone is against the unrealased by Rockman has never seemed essential Razz (and yet it also has its place in the shops xD)

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