VIC-A NEO-GEO Coréenne

Well no, this blog is not dead, I have just over one second for me to feed. In fact I returned to school and my two year old girl holds me well.
Since the last update I've obviously got tons of games and some consoles. Finally, few games “Current-Gen”, as they say in informed circles, but especially the retro !
I received récement another beautiful piece that I really wanted to introduce. This console NEO-GEO AES South Korean manufactured and Continue reading

If I had $ 649…

Little find on the site Slot MVS with this custom that I find beautiful (more photos arranged on the site). Finishes genuine walnut no visible screws, RGB output + YUV, Unibios 3.0… Although I am not big fan of customs, me it makes me dream and it reminds me of the DVD Totoro… it's very expensive but also very classy, what do you think?

To finance its purchase, You can send your donations if desired Angel