iQue 3DS XL Edition Mario

This is the fourth 3DS console to go home : a 3DS XL Chinese iQue brand colors of Mario (after Zelda 3DS, 3DS Peach Earned Club Nintendo 3DS XL Pikachu). For those who do not know, I had already discussed history of the mark iQue when I presented Gameboy Advance iQue purchased during my last trip to China there are now 2 years. Nintendo products sold officially on Chinese soil have always been a bit special editions, exclusive and often very original, and since the Gameboy Advance. Released in December, 3DS XL is no exception and I'll introduce you to one of the 3 models sold on the market that I was kindly brought to Beijing.
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Arrivage Mushihimesama HD Xbox 360

Shoot Cave collection grew with the arrival of my brand new Mushihimesama HD. After an excellent Futari, Cave offers us an HD remake of the first released in Mushihimesama 2004 in Arcade et 2005 PS2. Casually, between XBLA and Cave games in Japan, Xbox 360 begins to be hyper and is well supplied with gold and already become one of the consoles must for any fans of pellets. Geez, I found a second console Asia not too expensive to put in my Egret 2 ! Continue reading

Playstation3 : Ico / Shadow of the Colossus Limited Box + Collection

Here is the final piece to be added in my “small” specific collection of masterpieces Fumito Ueda that are ICO and Wanda to Kyozō. In this post I'll quickly show you this limited edition Japanese remastered versions in HD 3D pour Playstation 3 (I say quickly because like Bababaloo or fr4nz, I want to keep mine nine…). But I'll introduce you especially my entire collection ICO – Shadow of the Colossus through ma chaine youtube ! When this box, towards the shelf with GOW3, for when I have time to play… in 2012…
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Unboxing : BioHazard 15th Anniversary BOX [e-capcom Limited Edition]

Sent the 9, received on 19… we can say that this little coli sent airmail will not be dragged (especially that there was 2 weekend between the two !). I'm not going to spread over the content of this Box 15th Anniversary collector de BioHazard en version e-Capcom since I had already done there few days, but I'll suggest an image gallery and a small video its contents. For those interested, Note that this version is already Collector Sold out long, but you can always fall back on the simple version in import for now because, no Blu-ray version of HD remakes planned outside of Japan (dematerialized only for us Western…).
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Akai Katana Shin Limited Edition

Arrival this morning of the last shot of Cave Xbox 360, Akai Katana Shin, in his edition “limited”. This limited edition comes in a sleeve with exclusive artwork and containing the host of the game and the game, also with an exclusive illustration.
I waited impatiently for this Shoot'em Up Horizontal 2D cellar because its design is simply cannon (rather reminiscent Progear no Arashi published by Capcom) and it is a whole new license from the publisher. Continue reading