CD·ROM ² NEC : 2 unreleased + 1 repro

Here's something to do while waiting wisely PC-Engine Bible Collector Pix'n in love scheduled for the end of next month. It is a bit of a shipment that contains particular 3 PC-Engine games in CD format·ROM ² and Super CD·ROM² “unofficial” : Space Fantasy Zone, Rockman and Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire. Unofficial because the first is a title “unreleased” and was canceled just before its release, porting the second Famicom and the last as a reproduction of a very (too) expensive. Continue reading

Arrival : 54 Hucards, Fullset en route to the poor !

Here is a shipment that will allow me to complete even a little project I started there in 2 years. Indeed, I would like to meet a Full Set Pc-Engine Hucard, in loose. Everything is stored in a workbook with sheets specific plastic. This format is so cool, that even in loose form can be a cute collection. In addition, some of these cards are findable for a pittance, the image of this pretty lot 54 Hucards found on Yahoo Japan Auction for an average of € 2 / room. There are some very good songs and even some that are not common at all.
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