Quackshot, another ! (Tec Toy)

Ahhh ça and est, after months of patience, I finally got hold of Brazilian version distributed by Tec Toy Quackshot. Some of you know, Quackshot is one of my favorite games on the Megadrive, and one of the retro titles which I replay more than once a year (and I always end up fingers in the nose). After presenting the Korean versions, I propose a new little recap in pictures of all versions of the game that I met today.

A word about Tec Toy and Brazilian versions

Sega consoles were (and are still) very popular in Latin America, mainly in Brazil and Argentina. In addition to Tiger Electronic games, Tec Toy the company that is officially distributed throughout the range of Sega in Brazil (the Master System to the Dreamcast). When Nintendo products, they were distributed by the company Playtronic. These consoles, variation and the games that go with, are sought after by some collectors as well as in their own country in Europe or the USA. As Korea, some games are exclusive to this market and the packaging were located (see for example Monica's Gang in this entry).

Only all these versions are very difficult to find outside of Brazil and neighboring countries as : 1) these countries often have “ebay” indoors international, 2) China has poured and continues to pour much Pirates 3) the South Americans were even less careful than Europeans… So it's rare and it can be expensive if you are not patient. To tell you : it is well 2 years that I search this Quackshot and Sonic The Hedgehog… (I still have not found).

Ah ! quickly to finish, it seems that Sega has sold Tec Toy games in… Greece! but I'll post at another.

Quackshot – Donald Duck Estrelando

Quackshot – the comparative Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Bootleg

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8 thoughts on “Quackshot, another ! (Tec Toy)

  1. (not yet taken the time to ask a comment, but I could not / to resist)
    Pretty, very nice your series Quackshot Grin – Australian silver it should not be too hot to nab. By cons, even if I do not have your Korean / Brazilian, I'm not necessarily a clear version find that you do not : http://imageshack.us/a/img28/788/p1060011l.jpg ;P

    (the passage of the Guadiana Korean sheets you put 2 both the alternative when you have one of each ( argh !))

    good research Wink

    • Salut mariaud Smile
      For Australian silver, it did not that easy unfortunately airThinking
      If you are in a cross made me sign the limit, story I complete my set a little more.
      In fact it I miss the Quebec version and a U.S. version.
      It hurts your photo ouch… I not even imagine the price it is now a rigid Quackshot…

      I have got this on Guardiana, it is not I who made this mistake, I think it is Ptitcerf.

      • … yeah indeed perhaps … knowing that more formats box are smaller hair, you can not even cheat by buying the first thing that goes in silver … I'll stay on the lookout in case Wink

        yeah it's a little “limit” prices charged on important games’ the MD on auction websites and forums … worst, is that they do not leave …
        tent fleas, you had to be there early – for me in the early years 2000, when it was still in the province of small shops.

        Here, just for form, Donald another :
        (okay, this is not the same, but this one we tend to forget 'cause everyone looked at the side of the big cylindered (saturn, 3do, jaguar, ps1, cdi (no kidding), …) when it came out ).

        Pour Guardiana, this is probably due to the fact it was added after the fact in the database the Korean variant Wink

        Ah! and otherwise, you lack as : Australian base and Swedish customized ;P


        • Yeah I do not mind that, because your bid is not only private, Australia without international shipment and lot more huge AND without notice !! Wink

          Finally happily on MD were still a bit away from the madness that operate widely on Super Nintendo (although on Mark III it hurts sometimes…), but the good “blister rigid” it became anything I find…

          Maui and the nice boot Mickey 2 in 1 (I also have some nice boot with disney above) Smile

          Good afternoon I'm not specialized in either Disney ® Smile

          • bah like what we find Grin

            MD is even “ignored”, but there are plenty of reasons : people generally kept boxes, Sega is not really “living”, less fanboys (maybe Wink) or speculators (probably).
            For games against blister, it is clear that it will continue to rise – as well as for beta / therefore.

            On Disney, you can be sure that the database is the most comprehensive Guardiana exists (anyway over the MD is the most comprehensive !!)

          • I hop bounce on the price of games after a ride on ebay … in fact it's bloody swollen MD … a game like Batman and Robin that everyone (and that is moldy) now rotates between 30 and 40 €… and there is a party full Bodycount to 110 € … hay … good … what do I do … I will switch resale PAL games because they are too expensive “blue” and it's prettier on the shelf … argh, dilemma …

  2. Batman and Robin is pretty cool… with an action replay Wink haha
    Ah yes some headlines have still taken a nasty slap, Probotector kind that in a few years went from 20-30 € a hundred today, and it seems to be moving slowly to 150 €… Idem pour Castlevania Bloodlines. The worst is that they are false rarities… but just a buzz around x or y reason and that is death. In this case why Mega Bomberman, Ristar or Soleil, Yet the excellent titles, do not move too ?

    I do not even know that was costing as much Body Count, these rates, I'm happy to collect most of the JP and have some big titles already in my possession ! Finally, even in JP or U.S. there's stuff that took a slap, genre Sailor Moon, Twinkle Tales, Rockman et Gleylancer (and is not bound in the Yen) and to a lesser extent of Crusader TYDAC. And also Mega-CD, Snatcher and Cobra…

    When I think I have just Sailor Moon and Twinkle Tales, Gleylancer, Rockman, Chuck Rock 2, Cotton, Comix Zone in wishlist scares me…Thinking that since 1998, I was on pénard MD.

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