Underdefeat HD Limited Edition (PS3 & Xbox 360)

If there is indeed a kind that I like, is the Shoot’em up (Shmup or to go faster). In this category, je distinguishes 2 major periods with each one having its headlights editors. Years 90, with Irem, Technosoft, Hudson, Konami, SNK etc.… and years 2000 to today. In this last period, the list of publishers is unfortunately much more limited, especially if one must retain only those that offer us quality titles. Leading, I set for myself, G.Rev and Cave, followed by Konami and Treasure (but mainly for Gradius V and Ikaruga). G.Rev is the origin of a game that I love : Senko no Ronde and not far behind, there Under Defeat.

Under Defeat, I discovered sur Dreamcast en 2006. I had then finished in very good conditions : I do not tate (screen shot in the vertical), on a CRT, VGA and a Neo Geo stick hand ! In its playgrounds Naomi exceeded the graphics actually hides a orphèvre gameplay and fine graphics (must see in VGA ! ). I had come to grips with a lot of fun and perseverance. I keep an excellent memory and since the announcement of remastered versions in HD on PS3 and Xbox 360, en version “Retail” (so hard) was great news.
Wholesale Nerd I'm, so I ordered the Limited Edition versions both PS3 and Xbox 360. And even if the pictures of this post these games are still in their original blister pack, because I intend to keep a nine in my collection, know that I'm planning to open another (but I do not know which) as soon as I have the proper time for him. I can not wait to see what gives this Under Defeat HD on my screen videoprojection, HRAP en main. I think that'll do it !

Extras :

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3 thoughts on “Underdefeat HD Limited Edition (PS3 & Xbox 360)

  1. A game that makes me really want but for now I refrain (ou alors je me mets en quête de la version Dreamcast) pour pouvoir y jouer dans ma borne vu que les versions PS360 ne gèrent pas le 4/3

    J’espère qu’un Patch verra le jour prochainement….

    • Je pense qu’ils vont le patcher en effet. En attendant tu peux te tourner vers la version DC, pas tellement moins chère Wink

      Mais attention tu vas vite te rendre compte qu’avoir trop de console dans la borne c’est pas très pratique Doctor

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