bloglife : I’m back, Bitches !

After an ugly hack my server linked to a flaw in my template, But paying, I'm back after months of absence. As you will notice, a facelift, with a simpler design, tappe least to the eye, and especially more flexible. New blog, new formula, including the appearance of drop down menus in the header. The latter refers to presentation of pictures in my collection : games, consoles, but also books and magazines ! It was an idea dear to my heart for several years.
You will find ready to 150 “archives” and + of 1000 photos, This represents only a small part of my collection. These topics sorted by Manufacturers, consoles, and regions, will be regularly updated. At a big update, you will be notified on the blog page for a ticket. I hope you enjoy the formula, in any case, feel free to search and use the search function since some archives contain small “extras” friendly as scans or vintage TV commercials etc.. Feel free also to send me your comments or suggestions on the blog and its presentation. It's a little amber but I focused primarily on content.

Now, said that several months of absence, said many new arrivals at home. I offer below a brief summary covering the period October 2011 to today.

We start with the latest “small” from Sony and Nintendo. For both consoles since + two months, I can say that I have already a large preference for the Sony console I find really beautiful. The 3DS is a console that I find full of faults (small screens, 3Here D fatigue, ergonomie à la Ramasse, stylus not practical, zoning of another time…) but I fell for the Zelda edition, for collective, and red for a console, to play, car Some games really worth buying the console (3D Super Mario Land is a killer).

The PS Vita, Apart from a few flaws (valve, OLED not completely blank memory cards and unaffordable owners…), I think it's a great success from Sony. After a rather rough with many PSP revisions (and then what UMD…), Sony seems to have learned from mistakes. The interactivity between the PS3 and PSVita is also much stronger and Uncharted Golden Abyss promises a bright future for the PS Vita. By cons, go your way on Katamari, unless you are at very low prices, the game is fun and uses many new features in the console, but it really is too short. It's simple : it looks like he is missing a piece…

I also acquired some games, especially during the last sales. Many retro, but also “current gen”. Some are visible on the photos above, side of the new portable console.

And yet I forgot, see how I had something to do.
On this, see you soon !

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10 thoughts on “bloglife : I’m back, Bitches !

  1. I liked the previous style but I also really like it (I love the banner that I find sober and class). Welcome back brief the friend o / I see the months of absence on the canvas were offset elsewhere.

    Totally agree with you on Katamari, I found very reasonably priced but for me a little disappointed with the uncharted…

    Oh and if a big thank you for including in your sidebar tutorial for the Mother 3. Smile

  2. (Re) Welcome to the web young dad. I hope all goes well on that side Wink

    Anyway I love the design of your blog very clean, your photos are always so beautiful and wanted background. I also cracked for Vita and I agree with you, for now my preference is the Sony console.

  3. Re welcome to the Internet ! Smile I see you've been busy arrivals level ! And your purchases section is not bad on a few things I dubious indeed, I'll contacterais maybe if I have receipts under !

  4. Welcome back !
    And return with a new design, that you ask for !the
    Agree with you on the 3ds, I fear it suffer from its shortcomings in the long term. After, Nintendo fate if we 2 or 3 sets the quality of every year Marioland, I say it will be worth it.
    For example I tested the demo of MGS and I feel that this makes good. But, no offense to Bababaloo Wink, the absence of the 2nd stick is prohibitive for certain types of games… So I take RE revelations when he is focused on PS Vita (with Capcom, is what I want to believe in it will happen ???)

  5. Thank you to you ! Smile
    I would not let me but not by hackers ! (the “bitches” for them it is also not for you my little readers Doctor )

    @ Linanounette, this is temporary, it is expected that the tutorial mother 3 be repatriated on sooner or later.

    @ Yes Sachiel, Early had just returned to nursery, it goes well she grew up fast ^ ^

    @ DilanNoKaze I'll add stuff, See you then throw it out of an eye from time to time. If you wish, I'll tweet when it's done ? This is what makes you the eye ? Nerd

    @ Passparla yes the 3DS is really full of design flaws we feel that its output has been rushée by Nintendo. Yet I have never trolled about it since its release, but it is clear she is sentenced to a radical overhaul sooner rather than later.
    I played the demo of MGS, and I think it's awful, RE as of Revelation, the gameplay is stiff but eventually get used to it, AMS as it's just horrible (and I speak not of the framerate to 15fps…). The only games I expect are now Luigi Mansion 2 and Paper Mario.

    • Hahala, I ladle the side of Shenmue (I have none and offers you both seem top, even if the 1 not in the box) et les 10th Birthday Sonic. I have not much Dreamcast level stuff then it's on pieces like this that I'm interested, I do not mind if you tweet me when you got the nine ! Te is operational for trade? I have some stuff in double, it may be tempting you? Smile

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