Samsung Gam * Boy, 3 small cartridges.

Here is 3 Korean small cartridges not commonly found in cheap. These are sized sets Master System / Mark III Japanese, ie with a box height and a different PCB, incompatible with our consoles Western. The Master System was released in Korea as the Gam*Boy and later in the year 90 under the name’Aladdin Boy ( see my folder on the Super Gam * Boy ), both in the form of a Master System 1 or 2 distributed by Samsung. So hard to find items, same as those in loose 3 games small games. Continue reading

#Castlevania & Game Boy, retrospective in pictures.

Added this week a dozen references in the item collection and a new Japanese Guide Book. I focused on the Castlevania games / Akumajo Dracula on various Nintendo Game Boy. I must say that for a lover of 2D action-adventure and platform-, the duo Nintendo and Konami has often worked well with this license. It left for an overview of all these games, just after the jump in the ticket below.
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Pirates & Design, WTF !

Here's a humorous little note compiling a selection of musical design of cartridges pirates. You will see, our pirates have some herbs “talent” to select various images and assimilate them into a game no matter how. But no matter how REALLY ! This is obviously distressing but often very funny, and I'm sure you've never seen Sonic, Mario or Batman, Scrooge and the Ninja Turtles in this light… Something to look like our boxes PAL NES Megaman to works of art !
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Underdefeat HD Limited Edition (PS3 & Xbox 360)

If there is indeed a kind that I like, is the Shoot’em up (Shmup or to go faster). In this category, je distinguishes 2 major periods with each one having its headlights editors. Years 90, with Irem, Technosoft, Hudson, Konami, SNK etc.… and years 2000 to today. In this last period, the list of publishers is unfortunately much more limited, especially if one must retain only those that offer us quality titles. Leading, I set for myself, G.Rev and Cave, followed by Konami and Treasure (but mainly for Gradius V and Ikaruga). G.Rev is the origin of a game that I love : Senko no Ronde and not far behind, there Under Defeat.
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Rayman Origins

Today arrived my gain Rayman Origins for Xbox 360 won on the blog Bababaloo, I thank hello in passing and. Meanwhile, I fell for the portable version of PSvita, but it does not matter because both versions are largely complementary. Last game of sudden heart dated, Rayman Origins is for me a game that should give food for thought to other publishers, Nintendo tête (immaginez a sequel to Link to the Past in this style !). Like what you can be a simple platform game, an HD et a 2D !
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Collection Silent Hill & To IG HS 3

The output of the last special issue of GI magazine devoted to horror in video games is an opportunity for me to revisit a series that I really appreciate the kind : Silent Hill. I take this opportunity to introduce you to all the games and guides from my collection. As is now usual to my blog, this presentation is obviously accompanied by numerous photos and videos order to allow you, I hope, to appreciate the different games in their detail. Continue reading

bloglife : I’m back, Bitches !

After an ugly hack my server linked to a flaw in my template, But paying, I'm back after months of absence. As you will notice, a facelift, with a simpler design, tappe least to the eye, and especially more flexible. New blog, new formula, including the appearance of drop down menus in the header. The latter refers to presentation of pictures in my collection : games, consoles, but also books and magazines ! It was an idea dear to my heart for several years. Continue reading