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Shortly !

Jeux BRAZIL (Tec Toy)

Nuclear Creature (Transbot home) —>NEW! Price : 34€


Jeux Korea

Euro Megadrive Games

Ecco the Tide of Time —> IN, broken box Price : 4€


Jeux MegaDrive Korea

Lot of 3 Korean games —>IN Price : 26€


• Compilation game for Master System Megadrive —> Does not work for me, sold in the state. Price : 16€


Lot Power Athlete (EM sans notice) + Light Crusader (notice collée) —> IN Price : 49€


Lot Power Athlete (EM sans notice) + Story of Thor (TBE) —> IN Price : 59€

Jeux Megadrive JP / ASIA

Chiki Chiki Boys —> BE Price : 24€


Megagames 3 (Asia version with just the instructions for Monaco GP, we sold it to me like this) —> BE Price : 8€


Accessory Megadrive

Mega Key Adapter 4 SWITCH —> Boxed ! the most sought after because the most effective,with the 4 switch aux dos : info for this adapter passes ALL games JPN & USA (even locke) on a PAL console without mod the console, and all PAL games on a console or US JPN (except a very few titles like Ecco optimized 50hz 2 et Story of Thor). Ideal for not opening our little darling megadrive ^ ^
Price : 42€

Sega Saturn :

• One version of Virtua Korean SAMSUNG, very rare ! —> MINT! Price : 45€
• Discworld JPN (Terry Pratchett) —> NEW! Price : 15€


• Lot Sonic Adventure 1 PAL to 2 JPN —> TBE Price : 22€


• Space Channel Part 2 SEGA Direct Limited Edition JPN
Complete. Excellent Condition. Price : 149€


Konami Wai Wai World 2 (crossover / platform with all the heroes Konami!) —> BE Price : 12€

Konami Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles —> BE Price : 12€


Famicom / Famiclone

Mario 4 in 1 —> 4 Hacks of Super Mario Bros rigolos, TBE, Loose Price : 12€

DBZ & TMNT 4 in 1 (contains 2 Hacks of Super Famicom Super Butouden s 8bits) Price : 14€



Megaman 2 –> 18€


• TMNT –> 3€


Disney’s Adventures –> 3€


Stealth –> 3€


• DuckTales –> 10€


• Duck Hunt + Mario –> 3€


• Terminator 2 –> 5€


• Soccer (classic) –> 5€


• New Ghostbusters II –> 18€


• Alpha Mission (Shoot the SNK) –> Boxed, without notice and without calle 15€


JPN games

Legend of Zoku / BISHIN Densetsu Zoku—> Good general condition, back of the cartridge a little faded back. Price : 15€


Gameboy PAL

Game&Watch Gallery 2—> BE Price : 3€

Gameboy Color PAL


Gameboy Advance JPN

Wario Advance (Wario Land 4) —> TBE, complete Price : 24€


Gamecube JPN

Joe Viewtifull —> BE Price : 12€


Naruto 2 —> BE Price : 8€


Gamecube Korea

F-Zero GX, Nine blister ! —> Version distributed by Daiwon, C.I., Inc, before the arrival of Nintendo of Korea. Price : 50€


Console :

DS Lite Collector SD Gundam G Generation: Cross Drive.

The console is in good working order (new or not having slept in the box so), no scratches as it has always been used in crystal clear. No dead pixels, the box is in very good and the game is still new in blister (the R4 on the picture is not for sale).

System is in very good condition, it has been used with care and protected into a hard PVC shell, no scratch or marks, no dead pixels. Box in Excellent condition, game is still sealed. (R4 is not for sale).

Condition [0]——–[9]-[10]
Price : 129€

Lot of 2 Flash Cards—> ideal for Bomberman or Mario Kart multiplayer.
Price : 10€ (free to purchase the Collector DSlite above!)

PAL Australie

Bang Bang Box, Collector Australien de House of the Dead Over Kill – TBE, complete with BD and 2 Guns, Price : 70€

Games PAL-EN

Wicked Monster Blast (Pleins minigames Tir Kawai) Set with 2 Gun —> Nine! Price : 19€


Zelda the Skyward Sword —> Nine blister, box never opened, pellets uncut. Price : 89€L1200179
• Lot Fragile Dreams —> Nine blister + Muramasa —> TBE, complete (US) Price : 29€

PAL / Euro games

OddWorld (the platinum) —> IN (notice collée) Price : 8€

L1200201United States Games
• Colony Wars 3 Red Sun —> Nine games in rigid blister (not common in the U.S.). Price : 28€
JPN games

• Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 JPN —> Nine ! Price : 19€


• Dragon Ball Z Legend —> Nine ! Price : 25€


Gourmet Cuisine Game MANPUKU NABE KAZOKU (crazy game of Japanese cuisine) —> Nine ! Price : 12€


• Gourmet Cuisine Game YAKINIKU BUGYOU (wacky Japanese game Barbecue) —> BE ! Price : 8€


Insert + notice + back cover Megaman X 3 —> TBE : Price : Make offer.

• Kojima / ANUBIS: Zone of the Enders Premium Package – Not for Sale limité à 500x in the world only !

Condition [0]———[9][10] –> 2 small scratches on the front of the box, the hazards of moving… (the flash makes a lot out). Nine audio CDs. Content really like new.
Price : 149€

• Final Fantasy XII Limited Edition Steelbook USA –> Nine! Price : 48€


Final Fantasy Crisis Core Limited Edition —> NEW, Blister ! Price : 79€


U.S. PSP games

Work Time Fun (WTF : full of stupid mini games) —> complete Price : 5€


UMD Video JPN/Asia

Ghost in the Shell 2 Innocence —> (blister still present) Price : 10€

Console Limited

PSP Slim JPN Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Limitée à 20000ex —> NEW ! : once lit when purchased to verify correct operation, since she was sleeping in my closet.
Price : 269€


Bionic Commando —> NEW! Price : 12€

The King of Fighters XII —> NEW! Price : 10€


FolkSoul —> TBE, First Print Blister open at the bottom. Price : 16€


Death Smiles Hori Arcade Stick – Cave Limited Edition HRAP —> Very good condition, much harder to find than Death Smiles 2X, la Rolls Royce du stick arcade ! Boite nickel-, a stick used scores of hours away (abandoned after buying an Egret 2). Currently in Full Seimitsu modded pearly + transparent ball. The Hori buttons and the ball of origin are always present.

Price rehabilitated home : 229€ / Price Modde: 269€

Star Ocean the Last Hope —> NEW! Price : 10€

Blu-ray Region A

Weeds – Season 1 to 4 US –> Season 3 and 4 new blister. Price : 32€

Sukiyaki Western Jango (Takashi Miike) Japanese Blu-ray–> open at the bottom blister. Price : 22€


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