Beijing, back.

Here I am back from my trip to 10 days in Beijing. I can say that I took feast my eyes and I have met many people of different nationalities during my stay (Chinese, English, American, Spanish, Colombian, Costa-rica-ien?… ). It gave me a lot of good to get this international social and nightlife, and it allowed me to stretch my English a little that I did not have much chance to talk in recent years. I have also discovered another facet of China very different from what I had already explored, with enquiquinements, moments rigollots, sometimes surprising gastronomy, its shopping and mentality well apart. In this post, I suggest you some pictures of my last visits : The Towers of the Bell and Drum, the Great Wall, la Factory 798, and finally the Olympic Park with a series in Black & White and an overview of shopping done on site!
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Beijing : first visits

Here is a small report of my picture 3 days on Beijing. Program, the Tienanmen place, les Hutongs (old traditional neighborhood), very impressive (by their size) Summer Palace and Forbidden City, and finally the Palace of Heaven and restaurant Yunnan frankly too typical for my taste. All this in a dry heat and stifling (between 33 and 35 degrees in the shade) I can tell you that the visits were grueling. However I took eyeful!
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Arrival in China & Shopping !

Here I am in Beijing for now 2 days, I have not yet moved too, time to get over the jet lag put me in the bath and celebrate family reunions around a few Tsing Tao, my favorite Chinese beer.
But we never change… soon happened that I came across the official GBA games sold in China under the brand IQUE and sold in boxes of NDS. Exotic versions still uncommon to be added to my collection.
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2 GBA games that the Japanese are envious

And yes, know that the Japanese sometimes looking too Euro or U.S. games to complete their collection. The most amazing thing is that in fact are often games made by Japanese producers and studio for the Western market. Some of these games can reach are well chubby once marketed in the archipelago. I also noticed that Konami is often the cause of this phenomenon (with cheaper Tiny Toon, Sunset Rider and still quite expensive Snatcher on Megadrive & Mega-CD) but it is also the case of fire and Hudson Soft… Treasure!
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Chine J-3

More than 3 days before I left for China, impatience begins to gain ground, I can not wait to get on the plane on Wednesday to go find my brother moved to Beijing, China's megalopolis. I am tempted to say that I know well because China, besides having lived almost 2 ans à Hong Kong, I often visited the region of Guangdong and Guangxi Zhuang once south in the cities of Guilin (you know where to place the end of the story of Shenmue 2) et de Yangshuo, Xingping, Who is.
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The Bible NES / Famicom & The History of Nintendo Vol.3

The wait has been long, very long… too long even, but I finally received my package Bible Nes / Famicom + History of Nintendo Vol.3 ! Fortunately, and as to thank us for our expectation, we won a plastic sleeve for the Bible, identical to those found for NES cartridges : simply as cannon idea! As chance would have it I also received the cartridge Zelda II sent by friend Jack’o’Lantern (I will not forget you!). A cartridge that is timely, if I may say, with the 2 Love works in Pix'n.

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Akai Katana Shin Limited Edition

Arrival this morning of the last shot of Cave Xbox 360, Akai Katana Shin, in his edition “limited”. This limited edition comes in a sleeve with exclusive artwork and containing the host of the game and the game, also with an exclusive illustration.
I waited impatiently for this Shoot'em Up Horizontal 2D cellar because its design is simply cannon (rather reminiscent Progear no Arashi published by Capcom) and it is a whole new license from the publisher. Continue reading

Vide grenier du dimanche Vol-2

Back to garage sale this Thursday morning of the climb with a garage located about an hour's drive from my house. The loot games / BD is meager and there was not much to put in their mouths except if you like to pay dearly for bins (PS1 à loose 20 euros, Thurs snes to loose in 15 euros, ® games and SMS 10 euros, BD between 3 and 4 euros each… O_o ok but not donc Merci). By searching I still dug up some nice little tricks as shown in picture of this post (there are for 13 euros… ). A flea market is a bit disappointing in its number of “specialists” of the sale used to bite me the node rather than its number of good people trying to rid their homes. Fortunately the medieval village that hosted the flea market was very nice to visit. The best deal I made is not in video games but baby equipment…

PS : I exchange the monkey island trilogy in a game against loose born in Loose, I suggest not much anyway ^ - ^