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If I had $ 649…

Little find on the site Slot MVS with this custom that I find beautiful (more photos arranged on the site). Finishes genuine walnut no visible screws, RGB output + YUV, Unibios 3.0… Although I am not big fan of customs, me it makes me dream and it reminds me of the DVD Totoro… it's very expensive but also very classy, what do you think?

To finance its purchase, You can send your donations if desired Angel


While my limited edition’Akai Katana xbox 360 has just been sent, Here are a late arrival from at Play-asia. I realize that it really makes a lease that I had not received any new import from Japan. I must say that I'm in a big time retro-gaming at the moment…

It contains small airmail games Dragon Ball Z Kai Ultimate Butôden Nintendo DS and Mamoru-Kun in its Playstation 3. The absence of this parcel is Otomedius Excellent Konami recently released, I must say I am still taking it feels…

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T-Shirt Rigolo

Small order evening on the site offering 1 shirt different day at very fair prices (thanks in part to a strong euro at the moment… ).
Attention, for those interested there are only 7 hours to order, if you're reading this on a Thursday morning it is already too late! Vampire

Dragon Quest VI + Guide

I have set a time, 53 distributed hours 8 months to be exact, but I finally came to the end of the wonderful adventure proposed by Dragon Quest IX. This is an opportunity for me to get into the brand new Super Famicom remake > Nintendo DS Episode VI released a few days ago just in France under the name of Dragon Quest VI : The Kingdom of Dreams. I've never been able to do this episode because of the language barrier and it is a pleasure to see him come home finally translated!

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Garage sale Sunday Vol-1

This weekend was the peak in terms of yard sales in my city with no less than 4 flea markets in everything. And for once I was in the area when this took place, I obviously woke up this Sunday morning to go to one of them at around 8am.

Is not at all in the trip ratisseur which collects anything that resembles loan or far cartridge or a game, I stayed reasonable, sometimes passing on things that interest me less but I could have “to resell” behind or “to cram in my collection, just because it is cheap”. I have neither the time, nor the place for that, and besides I did one flea on four (the largest) and above all I enjoyed the ride ended at home with fresh croissants. Glimpse of my findings:

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Megadrive : Mega Turrican

Small purchase “fingers crossed” on ebay with this Mega Turrican s version of Genesis native 60Hz! I say fingers crossed because I took the risk to buy it at a particular U.S., no pros, and without photo which originally did not send abroad…
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Made In Korea Vol-3 (Super Comboy)

Following this entry in which I presented the Super Nintendo in its Korean version (called Super Comboy and distributed by Hyundai). This time, I dug up 2 new games to add to my collection of rare Asian small atypical. I say “rarities” because unless you know someone in Korea who himself knows where to look or have the chance of the chopper 3 games that go on ebay in the year to finish at crazy prices, these versions are really extremely difficult to obtain (and even more unfortunately, in good condition). Overview of these 2 latest finds :

Super Mario World 2 – Yoshi Island / Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (1995)

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The Gadget Geek Megadrive & Sonic

I got at the moment a super gadget geek : the’Arcade-Nano Edition Sonic. What is that thing? Well it's a mini arcade stick key chains containing a megadrive emulator games with Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2, Sonic the Spinball et Sonic 3D Blast. Sold a few dozen euros, it is a plastic toy a little cheap (it's been a little happy meal toy), fair to emulation (50hz, slow music) but I find so cool Nerd A good solution in case of crisis “sonicite Aigue” sudden! Note that there 2 Other versions of this “thingy” with a version Columns (Columns, Columns III, Flicky, Arrow Flash, Dr. Robotnik's) and a version Virtua Fighter 2 (Virtua Fighter 2, Shinobi III, Golden Axe, Golden Axe III, Alien Storm).

For those interested in these little junk, know that I ordered mine in and he arrived 3 days after my order.

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